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Hey Sensational Souls!

Hope you are having a great weekend. I have some mental food for thought for you:

If you want to be a business owner…

Start gaining knowledge around what business owners do in their daily habits. Gain access to how they think, how they act, and much more in how they became business owners and how they are able to maintain their dream and growing their success.

If you want to be a published author…

Start gaining knowledge around what publish authors did in order to publish their first book. How did they think in the process of publishing their book? What were their daily habits? How do they act even now as a published author? What is their decision-making process like each day in sustaining their momentum of their published book and new projects?

If you want to be in your most ideal relationship with your soulmate…

Start gaining knowledge around what others did in order to call in their soulmate and ideal relationship. What are their daily habits? How do they think throughout each day? How do they act throughout each day? And now that they have their soulmate and ideal relationship, how are they maintaining and sustaining their loving partnership with their soulmate?

Note: These are the tips and methods I share in my brand new journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!, in how I successfully manifested my IDEAL relationship within 10 months of setting my intentions to do so!

If you want to manifest more money into your physical realm…

Start gaining knowledge from your mentors and what they do in order to call in that fun, green stuff (and I don’t mean the fun, green stuff that magical dragons like to puff).

What are their daily energy-flow habits? How do they think throughout each day about money in general? How do they ACT throughout each day? What is their decision-making process like each day in sustaining a clear flow of money emerging into their physical realm?

Gaining Knowledge is Essential in Speeding Up All Your Manifestations

The point is, you can’t sit and expect for whatever it is you want to manifest into your life to fall into your lap- you may be waiting for a really long time.

You can mentally, emotionally, and physically align yourself to what you ARE manifesting in order for it to QUICKLY manifest into your physical realm.

And you CAN do this!

Part of it is gaining knowledge around what you’re calling into your physical realm. Start reading books, signing up for online classes, surrounding yourself with those who have the same dreams, and mastered the methods that you are wanting to Master Manifasting, so you can learn from them.

Practice Makes for Progression & Progression Brings Your Manifestation

Daily practice SHIFTS you into alignment with what you ARE manifesting. Practice mentally aligning yourself to already BEING what you want to be and already HAVING what you are manifesting as IS in the present.

FEEL into your positive and elevated feelings you receive when you visualize all of the details.

And then? Make sure your ACTIONS are moving you TOWARDS your soul’s new reality. Who are you surrounding yourself with? Who are you talking to in order to keep your dream alive? What are you ALLOWING each day in order to stay on your soul’s path?

Practice makes for progression and progression brings your manifestation. You’ve got this! Empower yourself, educate yourself, and align yourself into YOUR manifestation because it IS happening! And remember…HAVE FUN along the way! This is YOUR journey and you are SO worthy in having everything you want in your life.

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Everything is interconnected when it comes to manifesting MORE into your business, your life, and in leveling up with your happiness. This program’s focus is you learning HOW TO manifest MORE money into your life; but, it’s also a transforming program to help you Master ManiFASTing ALL your ABUNDANCE within ALL realms of your life! This is why I chose to make this program 1:1 and for 3-months. HOLY SHIFT!

Because you are Mastering Manifasting with money, you’re Mastering Manifasting anything AND everything else you desire into your life- because everything is ENERGY.

I’m kicking your spiritual ass into gear and helping you stay accountable as I mentor you and educate you with ALL my Manifasting secrets I used, myself, in transforming my money beliefs and now being able to call in MORE and MORE money into my physical realm with EASE on a continual basis. This is THE deep-dive, magic-inducing, Mastering of all Mastering programs!

And YOU get to turn ON your money flow, which you previously thought was impossible to do. And YOU get to start receiving NOW. Because the Universe likes speed, and it’s waiting, and it’s ready for you to access your SOUL’S communication to your truest, most authentic money-flow with complete and total EASE.

Are you ready to SHIFT your current money-belief shit, say bye-bye and RELEASE it out of your realm, and ACCESS your easy money flow-channels into an ABUNDANT stream…flowing into your business AND into your personal life!?


Have a great week, beautiful soul! Stay focused, stay committed to the prize, and keep going. You’ve got this!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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