Whoa…these past few days I have been feeling physically defeated, mentally exhausted, and just plain…uncentered on both a mindset and spiritual level. My dreams have been crazy strange and vivid at the same time. I wake up feeling so freaking exhausted because sleep is supposed to be for resting and I feel like I have woken up from running in a marathon.

And during my moments of being awake during the day, I am feeling as if there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything that I want to be done COMPLETED. I feel like I’m constantly racing against time because I have SO MANY ideas and tasks that I am executing right now.

Do you ever feel this way, too? Like no matter what you do, no matter how fast you go, no matter how much sleep you attempt to get, you just feel completely uncentered both in your mindset and in your spirituality?

I did some Mastering Your Mindset journaling today for about 30 minutes and I asked myself the following:

– Forget about the end-goal for a second: what is my purpose in my life? Why do I KNOW this is my purpose?

– I decided last week to follow my top 4 priorities each day…so why am I feeling exhausted to do them each day?

– What do I need to CLEAR OUT right now to finish completing my goals for the next month?

o For example, I am publishing 3 formats by New Year’s Day: 2 of my new book and 1 of my currently published book. In addition, I want to build 2 more Facebook group programs and 2 more automated programs by New Year’s Day.

– WHY do I feel like everything has to be done by New Year’s Day? Why am I pushing myself so hard?

– And most importantly: WHAT am I afraid of that I feel like I need to control my pace and control my outcome?

When I strip away all my fears, all my doubts, all my self-doubt, and the concept of time (itself) I was able to determine what is my engine/my passion in life. I was then able to strip away all the layers of “I need”, “I should”, “I must”, etc. and get to the CORE of my soul’s purpose-work.

When you strip away all your layers of distraction and noise you remain in touch with your soul’s purpose in the world. – Jaclyn Nicole Johnston

So, I want to remind you that you, too, can stay the course of your soul’s purpose work and your soul’s truth when you stop putting stopwatches, timers, restrictions, and expectations on yourself.

This is your friendly reminder that your mindset is a choice: do you want to get back into your state of flow and alignment? Or, do you want to allow life’s distractions to steer you away from your soul’s path/your soul’s purpose?

Oh, those pesky distractions and those pesky fears…they do have a way of showing themselves to us in one form or another.

Is it time for YOUR mindset health check? Journal out your own explorations from the questions above and strip away your own noise and distractions that may have you feeling a bit uncentered lately.

PS- I meditated for a little bit today and it helped. I need to get back to doing this daily again. The holidays are fast approaching and it’s easy to get caught up in all of life’s distractions.

Have a great week!

Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life,

Journal Girl Jaclyn