Hi Sensational Souls!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and that your 2018 year is off to a great start RIGHT NOW! Remember, you don’t have to wait until 2018 to make changes in your life- start NOW!

Every Wednesday in our Facebook community, Manifest It!, I answer members questions surrounding the law of attraction and manifesting everything your soul truly desires in life. Today I received an interesting inquiry:

Question: Is everything pre-written, or do we write our own destiny?

Answer (Journal Girl Jaclyn):

Love this question! What do YOU think? Everyone has a different belief when it comes to spirituality. I do feel our souls have a reason for being. While I cannot pinpoint the exact origin of our existence, I do feel our souls have a purpose. We all have gifts to share in this world, and each of us are equal to choices of thoughts and feelings in everything that we do. We are POWERFUL beings, and we have the choice to make a change in our thoughts and feelings at ANY given moment in time. In my humble opinion (I am not the higher being to be able to state that my opinion is the be-all truth), we do get to write our own destiny for the most part. What I mean by this is, sometimes life throws us curve balls; but, we get to CHOOSE how to react and respond to some things in life. We also get to CHOOSE to be proactive in many circumstances as well. There are many things that have happened in my life that I would not CHOOSE to experience; but, I do feel everything happens for a reason and it is to help us evolve as beings and souls.

For example, the trauma I experienced in my life has helped me to evolve into who I am in the present. And now I am able to share my gifts to the world because I realize what I can bring to the world in order to serve the Universe and help others. Therefore, I do believe we CHOOSE how we respond and act/react while on our journey. Do I want to spend the majority of my energy focusing on the negative of my past? No. Do I want to spend the majority of my energy living by my soul’s purpose and serving the Universe and all of its inhabitants to the best of MY gifts? Yes. I am writing my soul’s “story” as I go, and the Universe IS listening and helping me along the way as I evolve as a spiritual being. This is so powerful!

Ask yourself the question above and journal around it as part of your daily mindset journaling. I have a section in my journal workbook, Don’t Feel Stuck! Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance, in order to help you explore these types of subjects with regards to your beliefs. Journaling these types of questions are really effective in helping you to approach how to take soul-aligned actions in your manifestation process towards your new reality. It helps you to understand your soul’s path and purpose so that you identify and take inspired actions to show the Universe what you truly want for your new reality. And the Universe IS helping you along the way! My life has changed SO MUCH and for the better in 2017 since I started doing mindset journaling on a daily basis. I love it! I AM manifesting exactly what I write down- it’s AMAZING!

My journal workbook is being published through Amazon and Smashwords ANY day now. I cannot wait to help you on your soul’s journey! I cannot emphasize how powerful your mind truly is with regards to manifesting everything you truly into your life. It’s completely magical! Say hello to your new reality!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn