The first time I felt it I was honestly thinking it wasn’t working for me.

The first time I embraced it I was feeling it wasn’t working at all.

The first time I surrendered to it I was feeling hopeless, defeated, exhausted, numb, and I gave up.

Little did I know the process of “surrender” IS sort of like giving up, in a way, or even the feeling of not caring any longer. Because this IS surrendering to the Universe.

You give up, you give in, you let go because you don’t care about the outcome. You’re literally embracing the “however” and “whenever”…and even the “whatevs” of the outcome.

The first time you will think and feel like this isn’t what it’s supposed to feel like, but this is ONLY because it feels foreign to you.

Mastering ManiFasting is a Learned Skill

I laugh when people tell me, “No, you can’t train your brain.”

Oh really? So you think you learned the lyrics to your favorite song and learned how to type on your phone via the skills of your liver?

I mean, if so, PLEASE show me because I love to learn new things!

Mastering Manifasting IS training your brain to relax, trust the process, trust the Universe, surrender instead of trying to control 24/7.

Manifasting IS a journey, it’s the ebb and flow of energy. It’s the wave that pulls back, you feel the tension because you WANT to control your surroundings.

The wave pulls back because a breakthrough is coming…

Manifasting IS the wave surging forward in fast-moving flow of liquid energy because you literally let go of your controlling attempts for a specific outcome.

Manifestations happen in waves, anyway. So enjoy the ride…

and hang ten!

XOXO Jaclyn