Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work together simultaneously. How? Well, you either TUNE INTO your soul’s calling, or you don’t. And what you focus on is how you train your mindset to behave on a habitual basis. And the Universe reflects back to you what you focus on most of the time. It’s not about having a single thought, it’s about having the thought with certainty.

Your Brain is a Phenomenal Instrument

There are trillions upon trillions of particles of energy just flying around you, that make up YOU, including your brain matter. And they are flying around colliding with each other 24/7, like being inside one of those money machines where the money flies all around you as you grab at the cash.

Crazy, right?

But how do you funnel these magical particles into your DESIRED SHAPES, into your physical realm, such as your dream career, your ideal relationship, or your dream car? Even into more money?

By using what some neurologists call Mindful Meditation. I like to call it Mastering Manifesting Journaling, whereas you literally:

Write into Reality

I’ve discovered how powerful Mindful Meditation can really be, especially when you write down your intentions as being in the present moment. The reason for this is, according to Christopher Bergland from Psychology Today (tap me for the full article):

A series of studies led by Andrew Hafenbrack found that mindfulness helped counteract deep-rooted tendencies and lead to better decision-making. The researchers found that a brief period of mindfulness allowed people to make more rational decisions by considering the information available in the present moment, which led to more positive outcomes in the future.


Nothing is Separate When It Comes to the Force of Energy

How you use your brain is how you KNOW if you are following your soul’s calling or not. So, being mindful, being aware, is what creates habitual thought behaviors, thus influencing whether or not you take manifesting action with your desires.

Nothing is separate or outside of itself. Not even your brain’s energy (your decision-making abilities), your soul’s energy (where your TRUEST calling lives), and not even the Universe’s high-speed particles flailing about (the same particles that make up the shape of you).

Your mindset, your soul, and the Universe work together simultaneously in the Law of Attraction.

This means everything you desire is ALREADY in existence!

What emerges into your physical realm is how you DECIDE for your desires to be. If you believe them to be unattainable, then they will continue to hover around you at bay. If you DECIDE to allow yourself to be AVAILABLE to them, BAM! Your desires come funneling into your physical realm at warped speed because you are firm and steady with your empowering decision (no wobbling).

It’s ALL up to YOU, Amazing Soul!

See you soon, and remember to use your daily affirmations. Feel free to use one of mine below:

I am always attracting abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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