Life is so funny because you’re going about your day, you’re doing your thing, everything is fine…and then you write down the date and burst into tears.

I lost my dad to brain cancer on this day 7 years ago. Grief is an interesting process mixed between your conscious and subconscious triggering of events that flood your memories. How much time is enough time in order to stop these triggers? According to Dr. Lisa M. Shulman, professor of neurology at the University of Maryland and author of “Before and After Loss: A Neurologist’s Perspective on Loss, Grief, and Our Brain”:

Recovery depends upon gradually reconnecting with suppressed memories- the emotions and memories that we’re not ready to face. Disturbing dreams by night and intrusive thoughts by day are evidence of traumatic memories that are buried in the subconscious, and were never properly integrated with past memories and emotions.

Reconnecting the Memories

I find this interesting because with the Law of Attraction I teach souls to reconnect memories to what they are desiring. For example, take your favorite scent and remember a fond memory from it while at the same time holding cash-money in order to imprint an alternate memory. The process of grief can also be performed through the same methods as the process of manifesting. Dr. Shulman advises a few coping mechanisms to transform grief:

To move forward, we need to find tools that will help us reconnect with suppressed memories. Equally important is the need to find activities that are diverting to refresh the mind. Tools for re-connection may include journaling, faith-based practices, meditation, and seeing a counselor. Keeping a dream journal may gradually uncover repetitive themes. Mysterious at first- over time the symbols in our dreams begin to reveal themselves. For refreshment, try creative practices (art, music, dance) and the healing powers of the outdoors.

The Connection Transformation

Obviously, I’m a huge fan of what I call Mastering Manifesting journaling. In addition, I meditate for a few minutes each night before falling asleep. Our brain is a 24/7 filtering system and we need to allow ourselves to “reboot” it often in order to empty the “cache files”. If we don’t give ourselves permission to do so through activities such as meditation, mindset journaling, painting, coloring, etc., everything in your subconscious mind will build up like the fizz in a soda bottle after it has been shaken a few times and the cap flies off from the tension of the carbonated pressure.

Have a beautiful weekend.

XOXO Jaclyn