Hi Sensational Souls!

Now I’m not going to deny the last 2 days were draining for me in my energy, the emotions around me were intense. I’m an empath, which means I absorb other people’s energies, I’m highly intuitive and perceptive, and extremely introspective.

We have a beautiful full moon! But, guess what? I’m still going to say what I believe can happen ANY day of the week, ANY day in the month, and ANY time during the year:

YOU have the power to choose what you want to think. YOU have the power to choose what you want to focus on and feel. YOU have the power to change this at ANY time you want to do so. You and you ALONE has control over, well, YOU. If your beliefs are being stubborn, journal out the opposite of your current beliefs. For example, if you believe right now in the present that “there aren’t any good men/women left who are single”…guess what, that’s what you are going to get more and more of because it’s what you believe to be true. You can journal something like, “I CHOOSE to believe there are wonderful souls on this planet and I am surrendering to the Universe because I CHOOSE to believe my soulmate and my ideal relationship IS on its way to me VERY SOON!”

Do your mindset work daily, don’t skip it, no matter how drained you are feeling from your day. Think of a musician who plays and instrument or an athlete who plays a sport: they have to practice to not only maintain their current level, but to also build upon their current level. You are leveling to your next version self. You are UP leveling, so keep practicing your mindset work each and every single day: journal your new reality as IS. If you have trouble believing it, journal that it’s on its way to you VERY SOON! Your new reality is your “shirt” you want to buy: click “add to cart”, “check-out” by doing your mindset work and writing it all as IS in the present. And then relax, surrender, and TRUST that it’s on its way to you. Your shipment of your new reality IS coming to you, believe me! The Universe works magically behind the scenes, rearranging things, and then BAM! It’s here in your physical realm because you surrendered and you put your full trust into the Universe.

Don’t become addicted to destination happiness, become addicted to being happy while on your soul’s journey. And in order to do this, you have to practice your mindset work. Practice, practice, practice! If you are tired, take a rest, take a nap, take a day of purely self-care, and be kind and loving to yourself. However, do not give up altogether! You’ve got this! You CAN do this! I so believe in you!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn