Girl Jaclyn
Hi Sensational Souls!
I’m challenging YOU because practice makes progress!

Decide WHAT You Want!

1) DECIDE! No more wavering! It’s DONE and it’s HAPPENING! Write out what you are manifesting and emphasize this phrase 10 times: (insert life goal) IS on its way to me, it’s DONE, it’s HAPPENING!
2) Why are you wanting your manifestation? Writing out your why helps to keep your feelings ALIVE around your manifestation! Why are you wanting this? What for?
3) You have received your manifestation RIGHT NOW! What do you do next in life? What would you do to maintain your manifestation? Would you expand upon it, and if so, how?
4) What’s stopping you from receiving it right now?
5) Read your journaling for #4 and answer WHY. For example, if I wrote, “What’s stopping me is fear of what others will think”, then for #5 I would write out, “I have a fear of what others think because…”

YOU hold the keys! 

6) Remember, YOU are the one paying your bills, YOU are the one looking into the mirror each morning, YOU are the on living YOUR life. Most people hold back because they are scared of the unknown and scared of change. Journal out by answering this question: what would happen if you let go of your fears that are keeping you stuck? What would happen if you allowed the change in your life? What would be your next steps because you are letting them go? You ARE worthy of receiving your manifestation, so write down all the reasons WHY you are worthy to receive! Remember, no more wavering, it’s decided! You ARE worthy and you ARE manifesting your new dream reality!

Time For Inspired Actions! 

7) Write down everything that is needed in order to bring your manifestation to life, what can you start doing THIS WEEKEND? Circle the things that you can start doing NOW (or continue doing if you have already started).
8) Before you start taking these steps (or continue taking them if you have already started), time to declutter! You need some manifestation space at home for your computer and your manifestation to come to you. What can you throw out that no longer serves you? What can you organize? Use the 5-second rule: hold the object and if you can’t think of a reason why you still need it within 5 seconds, toss it. Clutter within your surroundings clutters yours mental and emotional being as well. So declutter your “manifestation” area in your home where you will be spending the majority of your time bringing your manifestation to you.
9) Journal out how you feel now that you have decluttered your manifestation space. How are you feeling? What are you thinking now? Write out what else you can do to declutter other areas in your home/car/work space at work/etc. Free up your space and free up your mind to allow for more creative ideas! Plus, it will help you to relax more.
10) Set up your manifestation space with photos, quotes, and your manifestation box so that you can start bringing your manifestation closer and closer to you! You will put things into your manifestation box that come to your mind as you go through your journey. For example, if you are wanting to write a book and while making supper an idea instantly pops into your mind, write it down and put it in your manifestation box!
11) Make a schedule on your calendar and COMMIT to taking inspired actions! The universe responds to what you SHOW it through your vibrations and inspired actions. So check in with yourself 2 to 3 times per week and COMMIT to focusing on your path towards your new dream reality! Look through your manifestation box of brainstorming ideas, and start implementing them! Remember #7 up above? The things you wrote down that are needed to bring your life goal to you, these are the things that you ARE doing now to speed up the manifestation process! And if you are unsure of how to take the action, Google it, ask around in Facebook groups pertaining to your life goals, knowledge IS power!
And make a COMMITMENT to sticking to your calendar, take these inspired actions, check in with yourself every couple of days around what all you have done so far. And most importantly, WRITE DOWN everything you have done so you can celebrate it along the way in your journey!
Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn
P.S.- My journal workbook is coming out at Christmas on Amazon and Smashwords (paperback, Kindle, and ebook)! I’m so excited to help everyone I can with their new dream reality!