It’s HERE! It’s 2018! And my paperback and Kindle journal workbook is FINALLY published! What a great way to start 2018!

Remember, this IS the year to HAVE what you are manifesting! We are all human and we all have fears, but we cannot allow them to dictate our lives. 2018 when added up equals 11, this IS the year for manifestations, even in LOVE and PROSPERITY.

My journal workbook takes you on your soul’s journey by successfully identifying and releasing limiting belief systems, creating and establishing newly empowering and positive belief systems, learning how to anchor them into your core, and learn how to take inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire in life! And this helps to speed up your manifestations because you are showing the Universe through vibrations by taking inspired actions!

You CAN do this, keep going! I always say this, but it’s true! Everything I journaled out throughout the year of 2017 came true except for 1 thing: I published my book in 2018 (TODAY!).

Happy New Year! Have a wonderful first day of the universal year of manifestations!

Don’t Feel Stuck! Grab the Journal Workbook HERE!

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn