Ultimate Chocolate Cupcakes

Hey Amazing Soul!

Your journey is not supposed to be the same as another’s. Your journey is supposed to be YOURS and yours, alone.

This doesn’t mean you are not receiving everything you want because another soul receives something similar in a different way. This is THEIR path.

You have your path, and your path is unique to YOU. The Universe never gives you anything you aren’t prepared to receive, but this doesn’t mean you aren’t receiving it altogether. You still ARE receiving your shipment via UPS: Universe Parcel Service. Oh yes, of course!

Think About it This Way

You want a cupcake. But, you don’t want just ANY cupcake. You want a chocolate cupcake.

So does this mean you go to the nearest corner store and buy the first chocolate cupcake you see?


I mean, if you do, then okay, that’s fine too.

But, I imagine you want either a dark chocolate cupcake, or a Godiva chocolate cupcake, or an orange chocolate cupcake, and maybe even a Nutella chocolate cupcake!

And even if you want a Nutella chocolate cupcake and another soul wants a Nutella chocolate cupcake, this STILL doesn’t mean their route to receiving their cupcake is going to be the same as yours.

Besides, they may want a SUGAR-FREE Nutella chocolate cupcake (does that even exist??) and you may WANT the sugar…oh, now I just want a cupcake!

Let Your Path be Yours

Listen, what you want IS coming to you, FOR you. Why are you trying to rush your sugar fix? 🙂 You don’t want just ANY manifestation. You want what is catered to you.

And the Universe is busy working behind the scenes to re-arrange things on your path for all your sugar fixes to emerge into your physical sphere.

And your job? Your job is to trust that it IS yours and make yourself available to all your desires.

You don’t have any resistance to chocolate cupcakes and they are everywhere, so why are you struggling so much with your desires?

Your desires are everywhere, too!

Get out of your own way and allow for them to emerge however and whenever. The faster you get out of your own way, the faster your desires funnel into your physical sphere.

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XOXO Jaclyn