Hey Beautiful Soul,

I hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend. I spent mine reflecting on my work, reflecting on what the definition of “rejection” is, thinking about my purpose in the world…and let’s not forget, Christmas shopping! The season is well upon us now.

I want to check in with you and ask you how you are doing this holiday season? Reply and let me know!

It’s okay if you are feeling a little down, a bit blue, and/or even stressed out right now.

Basically, it’s okay to not be okay sometimes.

Acknowledge how you feel and make the empowering decision to allow it to pass through you by focusing on your blessings. For me, I love to snuggle with my pets, talk to my sweet chemist, drink yummy coffee, enjoy the cold weather, and write.

What about you? What gets you into the holiday season? Reply and let me know!


For this next year, 2020, I am publishing my money manifesting book (thank you, Jeff Bezos and to the people of Audible and Apple), and I’m going to finish writing my 4th book! I’m super excited about these two works and I CANNOT wait to share them with you!

What are some manifesting topics you are feeling a bit confused around that you’d like more help with in 2020? Reply and let me know!

I’m going to make sure to incorporate them into my books and in my trainings for you. Have a wonderful week, keep your chin up, and carpe diem!

XOXO Jaclyn