…you love YOURSELF first and foremost! I was single for a little shy of 10 years. It was my choice because I had some traumas I had experienced and I wanted to heal from them, first, before I took on getting into another relationship. I look around and SO MANY souls are codependent upon each other and they are unhappy in their relationships. I didn’t want to end up like this in my next relationship. This next time around I wanted to make SURE I was in a healthy relationship and that it didn’t develop into a codependent relationship between me and my future partner.

Do you know the quote, “patience is a virtue”? It’s been my motto for years because I’m not really a patient person. I kept reminding myself over the past 9 years I don’t want to settle because I don’t want to end up unhappy in another relationship where I was not treated as an equal. Last year, 2017, I decided I was READY to manifest my soulmate and ideal relationship. I spent 10 months, every single day, journaling out the type of person I wanted to be with and the type of relationship I wanted to have. I didn’t focus on physical features. I only focused on my partner’s mental, emotional, and ideologies/hobbies in life. I journaled with COMPLETE conviction around who he is, what he does for his passions, and the type of relationship I truly wanted for myself. This time around I WAS going to be an equal in my relationship. And I kept telling myself, as always with anything in life, “patience is a virtue.”

I spent 10 months on a daily basis truly SETTING MY INTENTIONS around my new reality in love and getting close to another person. And guess what!? 10 months into this daily mindset work, he literally appeared! Every single thing I journaled out around the kind of relationship I wanted, every single trait he has, his ideologies, every single characteristic he encompasses, and even his career realm and living mannerisms (yes, he’s CLEAN and neat!) IS now the relationship I am currently experiencing. CRAZY, right!?

Well…law of attraction states, “like attracts like”…so maybe it’s not so crazy. Is the Universe a phenomenon? Yes! Is it crazy that I manifested my soulmate and ideal relationship? No. Is it a huge blessing? YES! You see, I spent every single day journaling in TRUE conviction and I journaled it all as IS in the present. I didn’t say, “I will…” or “he will…”, nope. I stated in conviction phrases such as, “I AM…” and “he IS…”. I went into such specific details about everything as days progressed. I journaled knowing and TRUSTING that the Universe IS manifesting my soulmate and ideal relationship. I used my personal motto, “patience is a virtue”, because I believed and fully trusted that he IS currently manifesting into my physical realm.

I relaxed, I went about my days, I surrendered to the Universe (so much surrendered that I threw away my journals whenever I filled them up), I continued to love MYSELF and do things that leave me feeling happy and elated, and then BAM! He came 10 months after setting the intention of what I truly wanted to come into my life. Have I put all of my passions and rest of my hopes and dreams aside now that he is here? Nope. I AM continuing to love myself first and foremost because it is what I DESERVE and I AM worthy of having it all! And so is he! When two people set the intention of putting their own happiness first by NOT settling in love (and even in life), miracles truly DO happen! The Universe rewarded us much more than we could have even imagined!

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Happy Valentine’s Day! LOVE YOURSELF!