Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Friday!!! The weekend is HERE and Christmas is around the corner. I received a very good question the other day from a member in our awesome Facebook community, Manifest It!, and I thought I would share some ideas with you in regards to learning to “let go” with manifesting your new reality:

Why is it that you expect me to visualize/journal about whatever it is you want & yet you are supposed to “let it go” and leave it to the universe? Ex: in finding your soulmate you write up a list of characteristics about him, but at the same time “let it go”; you should visualize/imagine life with him, write letters to the universe, etc., but “let it go” into the universe. In my mind this is a contradiction.

Answer (Journal Girl Jaclyn):
It’s all about feeling GOOD about what you are manifesting into your life. Look at it like taking an exam at university: if you studied 24 hours per day and really focused on wanting to receive an A on your exam all the time, you would TIRE yourself out, AND you would start to feel anxiety, stress, and maybe even doubt over the whole thing. And then you could lose sleep, be too tired to do well on your exam, and not be able to perform to receive your A! If you spend so much time and so much of your energy on what you are manifesting, your subconscious could and most likely will start to think about the LACK of having received it- which in turns tells the universe, “I don’t have it. I want it, but I don’t have it. Where is it? Why don’t I have it yet? When is it coming? Is it coming?” All of these types of thoughts can seep into your subconscious. You want to think about it and focus on it when it feels GOOD to think about it. 5-10 minutes per day is really all that is needed.

You want to release it into the universe because your responsibility is not on the HOW it manifests into your new reality, but that you have faith that it IS happening! When you go online and pick out a sweater, you click to add it to the cart, check-out by entering in your shipping address/payment information, and then click the submit button to process your order. Afterward, you know it’s on the way to you and you move on about your day. It’s the SAME thing when manifesting anything into your life: you have FAITH in the universe that it’s on its way to you because IT IS! You trust and you don’t worry HOW it arrives at your doorstep, you just know it IS coming!

In the meantime, make sure you take care of your own health, your own thoughts and your mindset, and pay attention to how you FEEL when you make decisions. You want to do things, think things, and feel things that bring you closer to your new reality BECAUSE your soul craves it! It moves you, it gives you so much passion, it literally is so much fun and feels so good because your SOUL strongly desires it. The universe KNOWS what you want and is ALWAYS working FOR you 24 hours per day. So relax, have faith, have FUN in life, and TRUST that what you want for your soul’s highest good IS on its way to you! It’s done!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn