If you haven’t written your letter to 2018 yet, do so TODAY!

Dear 2018,

Thank you for…(insert all of your hopes and dreams as IS in the present and already achieved in your new reality)

2018 = 11 (2 + 0 + 1 + 8)

2018 is the year for LOVE and PROSPERITY.

Everything you have been wanting was being rearranged in 2016 by breaking down and getting rid of what no longer served you and your soul’s truest happiness.

Everything you have been wanting was being organized and set up in 2017 with the necessary soul-aligned information being gathered. This year was the gathering all of the materials for your soul’s new reality.

And now in 2018 you can go full speed ahead without ANY fears because everything you want comes together in 2018, so long as you continue to have FAITH in the Universe/God and SHOW the Universe what you truly desire by taking inspired actions. Yes, it can be scary and uncomfortable at times, but magic happens outside of your comfort zone. Trust me! I am living proof of this! I have been journaling every single day everything I want into my new reality and it is now becoming into the physical realm. It CAN happen for you, too!

Believe, trust, have faith, stay positive, do your mindset journaling every single day, and follow your soul’s nudges by taking inspired actions. The Universe/God IS helping you with your manifestations. I promise!

Happy 2018! Enjoy it, go forth in faith, and remember what your soul truly desires each time you feel you are a bit out of your comfort zone- magic happens OUTSIDE of the box. Get rid of the box altogether. HAVE FUN and remember your soul’s truest happiness as you move forward into your new reality. The Universe/God IS working FOR you and your highest happiness. Go forward and know love and prosperity for your soul’s truest calling, and your happy life, IS beginning NOW.

And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn