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Should You Publish Your Dream Book?

Wondering if pouring your heart and soul into a book for the world to see is something you *actually* want to do? Take our FREE assessment to determine whether or not you’re ready to bring your dream book to life:

Refer someone, and you both get 7% cash back after the completion of their 8-week program or a single project. Not valid on hourly consulting

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Do You Dream About Becoming A Best-Selling Author?

» Do you have a book inside you but need help with the practical process of publishing and marketing?


» Do you dream of waking up to see you’ve made passive income from book sales, literally making money in your sleep?


» Do you have a deeper calling to share your message with the world?


» Are you ready to elevate your career with the clout that comes from being a best seller??

The 8-Week Manifest It!® Publishing Program was literally made for you…


Stefanie Ruth of Manifest It! Publishing reviews
Lynette Harper Peterson of Manifest It! Publishing reviews
Meka Reed of Manifest It! Publishing reviews

How Our 8-Week Publishing Program Works

Manifest It!® Publishing is a hands-on, independent publisher that supports authors through the entire process of creating, publishing, and marketing their books, helping them become best-sellers in their category.

Over eight weeks, we walk you through everything, step by practical step.

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Edit, Format, Design, & Strategy

  • Editing & formatting your book for paperback, ebook, hardcover, and/or audiobook
  • Cover and book jacket design and formatting
  • Creating your professional author bios and profiles across major platforms like BookBub, Amazon, Goodreads & more
  • Research for categories, keywords, and marketing strategies to help get you on the BEST-SELLER list in your category
  • Training on how to market your book to your (upcoming) fan base


  • 8 weeks of personal 1:1 mentorship with the #1 best-selling author and CEO of Manifest It!® PublishingJaclyn Johnston
  • Promotion on Jaclyn’s Amazon Shop page and social media accounts
  • 8 guided weekly trainings delivered via email to help you go from ‘rough draft’ to PUBLISHED
  • “Personal branding” strategies to market yourself as a professional author: Great for those who envision elevating their authority (and paycheck) in their current career!
  • 10 author copies of your book to keep or re-sell at your price point for extra income
  • Tools to help you learn to run your author business yourself after publication
  • BONUS: a copy of one of Jaclyn’s best-selling books of your choice!
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You’ll become an officially published author with Manifest It!® Publishing for your paperback, ebook, hardcover, and/or audiobook.

Take the stress of meeting publishing criteria off your plate, and let us do all the work for you. We offer competitive royalty payouts, so the author (YOU) banks what you deserve.

Don't Feel Stuck in Love! Jaclyn Johnston self-help spirituality book
Don't Feel Stuck! book Jaclyn Johnston how to use the law of attraction how to manifest something how to manifest anything how to manage stress and how to manage anxiety books for when you feel stuck
Don't Feel Stuck with Money!

Bonus! FREE 'Don't Feel Stuck!' Book of Your Choice

Choose one of these best-selling paperbacks shipped to you as a gift for being in the program.

Learn more about each book here.

Get Your Book Completed, Published, AND Promoted in 8 Weeks!

I created this program because I believe success and achieving your dreams are not meant for only certain people. When I realized my dream of becoming a published author came to fruition, I had unexpected manifestations around me, including my book becoming a #1 best-seller.

I like to help others reach their writing dreams, too. This mentorship and done-for-you publishing program helps many people like you manifest your desires. It feels great to help you become an officially published and profitable author.

So…If you’re ready to take the leap and become the best-selling author you were MEANT to be:

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How can we make this publishing model work? Here’s the nitty-gritty of the finances:

For an extremely reasonable fee, our authors get all the benefits of our 8-week publishing program. A portion of that investment is used to pay our book editor and layout/format designer. Another portion pays for your book’s permanent ISBN (serial number), allowing it to be legally sold to the public.

After publishing, Manifest It!® Publishing takes 10% of royalties (traditional publishing companies and other indie pub houses usually take 50%).

The way we see it, your success is our success!

With us, there's...

  • NO losing 10% of your hard-earned money immediately to agent fees.
  • NO worrying that you won’t “make sales quota” with your publisher
  • NO thousands of dollars down the drain in editor bills and stressful DIY “solutions”…

Writing the book is up to you, we take care of the rest!

Just a clear, organized program that takes all the confusing stuff off your plate and makes you an officially published author!

BONUS: 'Don't Feel Stuck!' book of your choice

Choose one of these best-selling paperbacks shipped to you as a gift for being in the program.

Total Value $4386



All major credit/debit cards, Affirm, and Klarna are accepted

Refer someone, and you both get 7% cash back after the completion of their 8-week program or a single project. Not valid on hourly consulting

Check out our reviews and official authors

Only need a single project or consultation?

Not sure what you need to manifest your writing goals?

Stefanie Ruth of Manifest It! Publishing reviews
Lynette Harper Peterson of Manifest It! Publishing reviews
Meka Reed of Manifest It! Publishing reviews

Hey There, I’m Jaclyn, & I created the #1 best-selling publisher, Manifest It!® Publishing

Stressed about the process of publishing? I’ve been there…

I’m Jaclyn Johnston, Owner of Manifest It!® Publishing, and a #1 best-selling author myself! It wasn’t that long ago that I wrote my first book…but had no idea how to go about publishing it.

I didn’t want to go through the agonizing process of querying agents and chasing editors, only to get canned, automated responses (if anything at all).

I didn’t want to wait years for someone ELSE to say ‘yes’ and give my book the green light.

So, I took matters into my own hands and manifested becoming a #1 best-selling author. I then created my indie publishing company, Manifest It!® Publishing, to help you manifest your author dreams, too!

I use my personal experience and expertise to help writers and authors like you… 

» Bring their dream books to LIFE,

» Gain financial freedom through passive income from book sales,

» And become the best-selling authors they were always meant to be!

Don’t have a draft manuscript yet?

Jaclyn Johnston Manifest It! Publishing

Frequently Asked Questions

What sets you apart from other publishing companies?

Most traditional publishing companies take 50% of your royalty payments for their cut. We are only 10% because we care about you profiting and empowering yourself as an officially published and profitable author. Apply now to discuss your dream book’s ideas!

Why do you charge a fee upfront?

I WAS NERVOUS ABOUT MANY THINGS while publishing my first book in 2017. The editor and book layout designer I hired did such a great job that my first book became the #1 best-selling book! My second book went to the top #3 best-selling, and my third in the top #25 best-selling books.

Today, the #1 best-selling team is editing and formatting your dream book! And I’m here to guide and mentor you throughout the publishing process and set you up for success!

We are a #1 best-selling publishing team because we are skilled and have been publishing books for 7-plus years. While Manifest It!® Publishing as a company is brand new, our talent and experience are not. The upfront cost is divided between us to include complete editing, formatting, designing, mentoring, strategic market research, your book’s personalized ISBN serial codes, and everything else included in the 8-week Publish Your Dream Book done-for-you program. 

And as an officially published author, it also allows you to profit more from your future royalty payments because we are not a traditional publishing company that takes 50% of royalty cuts. Apply now to discuss your dream book’s ideas!

Does the program price include paperback, ebook, hardcover, and audiobook?

The program includes publishing your dream paperback, ebook, or hardcover. We can combine 2 formats (paperback and ebook, or ebook and hardcover, or paperback and hardcover) at the same main price. All 3 formats of paperback, ebook, and hardcover can be produced for an additional price due to the pricing of different dimensions for each format. Apply now to discuss your dream book’s ideas!

Suppose you also want to publish it as an audiobook or publish it as only an audiobook. In that case, we can create a personalized project together. Apply now to discuss your dream book’s ideas!

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes! We can create a payment plan to split the total into two monthly payments. We accept all major credit/debit cards, Affirm, and Klarna. Inquire for details.

Do you offer a referral perk?

Yes! Refer someone, and you both get 7% cash back after the completion of their 8-week program or a single project. Learn more here.

What is the average cost to publish a book?

Depending on your aspirations, book publishing has a range of expenses. So I’ve summed it up for you in this free resource.

Where will my published book be available to sell?

Your dream book publishes with a personalized ISBN (International Standard Book Number) for United States market booksellers such as and other US booksellers online. Countries outside of the US can sell your dream book as well. We can set up a personalized market outside the US if you choose. Inquire for details.

What if I want to change my book after it has been published?

Making edits to your dream paperback, ebook, hardcover, or audiobook after its first publishing is possible through a separate personalized project. Inquire to discuss your dream book’s ideas.

Do you offer small editing/designing projects outside of the program?

Yes, we do! Click here and describe what you want for small edits/designs and we can send you a one-time project quote.

What Are You Waiting For?

Apply Now and You’ll Receive:

Your NEW title as an officially published 'Author'

Eight 1:1 mentoring sessions with Jaclyn Johnston

Weekly 'Publish Your Dream Book' guided modules

Done-for-you publishing service with Manifest It!®

BONUS: 'Don't Feel Stuck!' book of your choice

photo of cup beside books

How Would It Feel to Take Your Book From Paper to Published, Promoted, & Profitable?

This unique NEW mentorship will ensure your book is completed and in the hands of your readers through the support of a seasoned writer.

Click the button below, and apply now.

Not ready for the 8-week publishing program? Only need one element of design or publishing help?

One of our other offers might be a better fit:

$899.99 $599.99 for 4 Weeks

Write Your Dream Book or Project

A 4-Week Program

Additionally, this 1:1 service is also available for creating papers or a series of blog posts and articles.

Personalized Mentoring to Help You Write and/or Finish Your Dream Book or Project

Take the first step towards your writing aspirations with my exclusive 1:1 mentoring program. This program offers four 45-minute video sessions each week, where we’ll work together to bring your dream project to life.

I’ll also provide tailored email guidance throughout the week (each week), focusing on your dream work’s overall message, tone and delivery, ensuring your vision is conveyed effectively to your readers.

By the end of the program, you’ll have a completed draft of your book, paper, blog posts, or articles – ready for the final editing and publishing process.

Note: Only 2 Available Spots Per Month

$979.99 $699.99 +/-

Proofreading & Editing

Work with the #1 best-selling editor of Manifest It!® Publishing!

Revising Your Work to Perfection

To ensure your dream book is ready for publication, it’s critical to proofread and revise the rough draft carefully. Correct any grammatical errors or typos, and re-write sections as needed to give your manuscript a polished finish.

Please note that prices may vary depending on multiple factors, including word count, deadline, and whether it’s a book, paper, or series of articles or blog posts.

We provide a personalized quote to you.


» Do you know the 5 stages of the publishing process? «


$599.99 $499.99 +/-

Interior/Exterior Book Formatting

Work with the #1 best-selling layout designer/formatter of Manifest It!® Publishing!

For two interior book manuscript formattings and formatting for their corresponding book covers (e.g., paperback and eBook).

Alternatively, you can opt for individual services starting at $279.99 each:

  • One interior manuscript formatting
  • One book cover formatting
  • One book cover image and title design (includes back cover and spine)

$219.99 $111/hour

1:1 Hourly Consultation

Best for writers and authors needing personalized guidance! In these one-on-one sessions, you can ask questions about writing, editing, publishing, designing, and book marketing.

Together, we’ll develop an effective action plan to help you achieve your writing goals and become a successful writer or author!

All 1:1 meetings are virtual through Google or Zoom.

Tap the button below to get started: