Hey Sensational Souls!

It’s FRIDAY! Every Friday in our amazing group, Manifest It!, is Mastering Your Mindset day! I post mindset journaling prompts to help you get clear around what you are manifesting! In order to SHIFT your subconscious (where your beliefs are rooted), you have to create an imprint into your conscious mind. Practice makes progress, and progress brings about the manifestation. Here is a sneak peak!

Journal out the following:

1) Finish this sentence: Right now I am manifesting (insert) and I am feeling like it is easy/hard (you pick which one) to do because…(finish the because part at least 5 times)

2) True or false: I deeply trust my own decision-making abilities in my life. Why or why not?

3) Now that I know WHY I either do or do not trust my own decision-making abilities in my life, I am feeling (finish this sentence 5 times).

4) Answer this question 10 times: what can I do in order to release any distrust I may have about myself? If you DO trust yourself already, then answer 10 times what you can do in order to release any limiting mental blocks that are CLASHING with your ability to be able to trust yourself.

5) What does my soul/intuition communicate to me that brings about immense feelings of joy and passion that I can DO to serve the Universe?

6) What can I do in order to deepen my faith in my soul and the Universe? Answer at least 10 times.

Join our Facebook group in order to get ALL of the journal mindset prompts for this weekend! Practicing mindset thoughts create mindset beliefs. Mindset beliefs are magnets that attract MORE of the same into your realm. You CAN shift your thoughts, your focus, and what you are attracting. It takes practice, and conscious practicing creates the imprint into your subconscious. You’ve got this!

Follow your soul’s calling: your soul’s nudges are when you are feeling inspired! So take inspired actions and SHOW the Universe what you truly desire. The Universe IS manifesting it all for you, raise your vibration and TRUST yourself, TRUST your soul, and TRUST the Universe- for it knows the timing and the “how”. You CAN do this! Have a wonderful weekend!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn