Hey Sensational Souls!

Today is FRIYAY! You know what this means: Mastering Your Mindset! Yesterday I touched base upon the subject of forgiveness. I would like to continue with this today because I had some pretty good breakthroughs this week in forgiving myself and forgiving others.

However, first I want to address something: I have noticed from a lot of souls that inconsistencies and excuses are playing a major role in feeling “stuck” with regards to manifesting desires. Do you HONESTLY think you can CHANGE your life if YOU, yourself, are not willing to change or ALLOW change? How can you allow and receive your desires if you are not willing to put forth the effort to allow FOR change? Something to ponder about over the weekend…let me know what you come up with after you examine WHY you allow your excuses to take front and center in your life.

Now let’s back to the topic of forgiveness

Every Friday in our AMAZING Facebook community, Manifest It!, we have empowering Mastering Your Mindset activities to help you clear out what no longer serves you and MAKE ROOM for your desires to flow into your physical realm. Something I completely noticed about why one of my desires hasn’t fully manifested just yet is because I am needing to forgive myself as well as some other souls in order to break FREE from my own feeling “stuck”. While I KNOW I can manifest and receive what I desire, I have been feeling a bit discouraged as to WHAT is stalling me.

So I dove into some mindset journaling and this is what I used in order to explore what is keeping me stagnant from receiving my manifestation:

1) What are some things people such as my family, spouses, friends, and/or bosses say to me that stick in my mind?

2) The things I journaled out in #1, why do I hold them in my mind and deem them to be “true” about me?

3) What were to happen if I CHOOSE to forgive myself for things I did in the past that still weigh heavy on me in the present?

4) What were to happen if I CHOOSE to forgive my family, spouses, friends, and/or bosses for what they say to me that I choose to believe as being “true”?

5) View yourself as a child and answer the following as you talk to your child self: You ARE good enough, it’s okay that you…(finish the sentence 15 times with things you are now forgiving yourself for from your past)

There is MORE in our amazing Facebook community, so be sure to join NOW to receive the full transformative Mastering Your Mindset activities! Have a wonderful weekend and remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn