Hi Sensational Souls!

Today is Friday, which means it’s Mastering Your Mindset (formally known as Weekend Challenge)! Every weekend in our wonderful Facebook community, Manifest It!, I post FREE mindset prompts to help YOU dig deeper around your soul’s true calling.

Repetition is incredibly important when it comes to training your mindset in order to SHIFT it to where you want it to be both consciously and subconsciously. So today we are going to focus on self-affirmations:

1) Finish the sentence: I AM receiving…(insert what you are currently manifesting).

2) Finish the sentence: the reason I AM receiving…right now is so I…

3) Finish the sentence: I am SO THANKFUL I AM receiving…because…

4) Write with complete conviction 15 times: I AM incredibly abundant and wealthy!

5) Write with complete conviction 15 times: I AM surrounded by abundance every single day!

6) Write with complete conviction 15 times: I have complete faith in my ability to succeed!

7) Write with complete conviction 15 times: I completely believe in myself!

8) Write with complete conviction 15 times: I DO allow abundance in all day long, every single day!

9) Write with complete conviction 15 times: I DO deeply love myself!

10) Finish the sentence 15 times: I AM NOW receiving (insert what you are currently manifesting) and I AM committed to doing…now that I AM receiving it!

11) Now that you HAVE/ARE what you manifested, answer this question 7 times: What are you going to do NOW that you have/are…?

Now GO DO what you are committing to doing! Take inspired actions! The Universe is totally listening and working to rearrange everything in your path for what you truly desire in your soul’s calling! Take inspired steps through actions every single day and KEEP GOING! You can do this!

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Have a great weekend!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn