Hi Sensational Souls!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! When you perform your mindset journaling, are you:

1) Getting VERY specific about what you are manifesting? For example, if you are manifesting more money, are you journaling out something like, “I AM so thankful I received $10,000.00 in CASH deposited into my bank account in complete and total ease!” Whatever it is you are manifesting, don’t be afraid to go into strong details.

2) Writing out with complete conviction what you are DOING to give back to the Universe and what you are DOING with what you manifested? For example, if you are manifesting opening your own business, are you journaling out how you give back to charities at all? Are you journaling out what you are doing on a daily basis now that you have your own business manifested?

3) Having a specific goal-date in mind? For example, you are manifesting a new car by January 1, 2019! It’s good to have a date in mind, repeat it is good to have a date in mind, but it is NOT best to obsess over the date. Humans have a better tendency to work TOWARDS something when they have a goal-date on their radar. It’s perfectly okay to move the goal-date, but it’s NOT advised to change your goal. Again, it’s perfectly okay to move the goal-date, but it’s not advised to change your goal. The GOAL (what you are manifesting) stays the same, ALWAYS, as you perform your mindset journaling every single day. Think about this way: when one goes to college for a bachelor’s degree, the aim is to obtain it within 4 years. However, sometimes it takes people 5, 6, 7, or more years. And this is perfectly okay! The GOAL stays the same, the date CAN be moved.

4) Making a plan? So you do your mindset journaling every single day. GREAT!!! This is so wonderful to keep your mental focus very clear. Are you following up with taking inspired actions? Whenever you get an inspired idea, what do you do then? Do you write it down? Do you let it escape your brain? Are you making plans TOWARDS your manifestation? What can you do to get moving and SHOW the Universe what you truly desire? Make a plan and start taking inspired actions! You CAN do this!

5) Journaling specifications every single day as IS in the present? For example, “Now that I AM making $10,000.00 CASH received, I…” I urge you to complete this sentence at least 15 times during your mindset journaling.

6) Reading what you journal out each day? Do you read it out loud to yourself? Help anchor in your mindset journaling by re-reading it to yourself afterwards, and then reading it OUT LOUD to yourself before bed! Of course, you are doing this DAILY because you are performing your mindset journaling DAILY!

Check in with yourself and ask yourself if you are doing these things with your mindset work. PS- if you are seriously ready to manifest your desires into the physical realm, join my VIP tribe on Facebook: Don’t Feel Stuck! In-Depth Coaching w/Journal Girl Jaclyn! Every weekend for 4 weekends I am going to help kick your spiritual bum to sticking to your manifestation goals! If you need someone to help you stay accountable, HERE I AM! But, it’s up TO YOU on how accountable you want to be FOR yourself.

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And remember…

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn