I know what you are thinking when it comes to love, I have been there before: what if I never find the person for me? What if I never find my best friend to share my life with and I am alone for the rest of my life?

I spent the last 9 years of my life single and I do mean COMPLETELY single. I didn’t really date, I didn’t really reach out to men, I stayed completely alone. I wasn’t ready to get closer to another soul because I had some self-love and self- healing I needed to perform first. I’m very independent and I always felt I would much rather be alone and single (and sometimes feeling lonely) than settle for just anyone so I am not alone.

In those years I really grew to know myself. Throughout those years I really grew to love myself. During those years I really healed myself and realized my own purpose in this world. Last year in February (2017) I was now ready to bring a healthy and happy relationship into my physical realm. I started doing mindset journaling, truly writing with conviction about my soulmate and ideal relationship as IS in the present into my life. I did this on a daily basis every single day. I identified some mindset blocks that were limiting me from allowing my soulmate to come into my life. I worked through these mental blocks and released them. I broke up with these limiting thoughts and beliefs because they no longer served me. I wrote every single day in true, intentional conviction knowing and trusting the Universe in bringing me exactly what I was truly wishing for in my best friend and ideal relationship.

And I got it! In November of last year (2017), almost 10 months of doing my daily mindset journaling, he literally came into my life! I am SO blessed! Every single characteristic and trait, his passions, his hobbies, literally everything I journaled out except for one tiny thing he literally encompasses as a soul. And the one tiny thing is not a huge deal AT ALL! I never focused on his physical features because I wanted my SOULMATE, I wanted my best friend and a REAL soul connection. And guess what!? The Universe really knows how to deliver because he’s actually quite a cutie! And our relationships is EXACTLY what I journaled it out to be, it is truly AMAZING!

The Universe either brings you EXACTLY what you ask for; or, it brings you something even BETTER than you could ever imagine!Well, I got the best of BOTH worlds because it brought me exactly who I want AND it brought me him in an even BETTER than I could have ever imagined kind of way! It’s amazing and phenomenal how the Universe/God/the Angels deliver!

So if you are currently manifesting your soulmate and ideal relationship, keep going! Write it all out every single day as IS in the present, identify and release your limiting mental blocks around love and trust in relationships, and write with true conviction every single day because the Universe IS working behind the scenes to arrange it all for your soul’s truest happiness. Take inspired actions on a daily/weekly basis moving towards your dreams because you also need to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire, it will help to speed up your manifestations! You’ve got this! I totally believe in you!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn