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Money IS…

Hey Sensational Soul!

I had a FUN podcast interview today about what money means to me and my (then and now) relationship with this kind of abundance. It’s being edited right now, but I can’t wait to know how it turns out because I gave it some “spice” along with everything nice about how everyone CAN receive their definition of financial abundance.

In honor of this, I am doing a FREE workshop for you all, Don’t Hold Back Your Abundance: the FREE 2-Day Money Workshop, and I can’t WAIT to share some of my money Manifasting methods with YOU. As you probably already know (if you know me well enough), I never actually do 2-day workshops, so hop into the group on Facebook for all the surprises that are going to take place soon!

Money IS…

So what does money mean to you? Take out your journal or type onto your computer:

A) describe what money means to you.

And then expand it even further!

B) WHAT represents what money means to you?

So for example, if money means “success” and “freedom”, what represents “success” and “freedom” to you?

Expand it one more time!

C) Now that you know what money means to you and WHAT represents the meaning of money, what do these representations MEAN to you?

For example, “success” and “freedom”, to me, means living my life by my soul’s calling and doing my purpose work every single day. It also means I am taking life by the horns through taking inspired actions because I’m following my soul’s calling. It means I’m traveling more often to learn more about humanity, and to learn more about science and medical research.

What about for you?

Everything comes full circle

D) So, now that you know what represent the meaning of money to you, what can you start DOING to propel yourself towards your manifestations? Obviously, money represents A LOT more than just rectangular-shaped paper with historical men pictured on them.

Money represents purpose in your life. Right?

Think of it this way:

You now have ALL the money you want right now, in this present moment. It’s in mathematical figures on a computer screen and it states $X amount you are currently manifesting.

E) Now what? Now what do you do WITH it? What do you do for your life’s purpose? And, most importantly, because energy is ALWAYS exchanged within our Universe, how do you give back to say “thank you” for your blessings?


Send me a reply to this email and tell me what you’ve come up with and how you plan to take inspired actions in the present AND in your future. I really want to know! And don’t forget to join the FREE Money Workshop!

Money IS…whatever you WANT it to be! So get outta your OWN way and ALLOW for your money blessings to come to you, however, and whenever. Focus on your life’s purpose and passions. You’ve got this!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn