Hey Sensational Soul!

On the drive home from university today I was reflecting on my second book’s editing process about how I manifested my ideal relationship after 10 short months once I had made the DECISION to call him in. It’s amazing how blessings come flooding into your physical realm when you get out of your own way.

You know, we like to focus on the doubt because at least we KNOW what to expect when we are feeling doubtful. We are familiar with this feeling and it feels comfortable to feel safe in our feelings of doubt.

But…you know I was going there…some AMAZING gifts come into your physical realm when you DO get out of your own way by surrendering to the Universe’s timing and the “how”.

If I hadn’t made the CHOICE and the DECISION to call in my ideal relationship, I would have probably gone an ADDITIONAL 9 years of being so incredibly single.

I’m talking cuddling up with the cat, some hot tea, and a few books single for 9 YEARS.

There is the saying, “the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.” Yes, I do understand what this phrase means; however, I truly do believe that once you make the DECISION to ALLOW your SOUL’s blessings to physically manifest, and you get out of your own way by trusting the process and following your soul’s calling, the grass IS greener on the other side. No joke!

Yeah, feeling “safe” is something you at least know you can expect.

Yeah, feelings of doubt, fear, sadness, and even telling yourself all the excuses you come up with is “comfortable” to continue feeling.

However, what if you wake up 5 or 10 years from now and you ALLOWED so much of your precious time on this earth to just pass you by and you are STILL IN THE SAME PLACE you have ALWAYS been because of it!?


Listen up!

Whatever excuse you are telling yourself to keep yourself exactly in the same place you are right now IS going to happen in the physical realm because this IS what you are claiming to deem as true and as real. It IS going to happen in the physical realm because this IS what you focus on, and what you focus on expands.

If you think your “life is nearing the end”, sorry, don’t mean to be such a bitch; but, yeah, your life IS nearing the end because it’s what you are choosing to focus on. I’m not saying that if you focus on the opposite you will not transition from the physical world, we are ALL going to transition at one point.

Here is what I mean

My sweet chemist is a lot older than I am, we are 27 years apart. But, he doesn’t go around complaining about life, his age, and how life was so much better in the past, excuses, excuses, excuses…NO! His doctor tells him he has the health of a man 10 years younger than his actual age…and it IS because he is a positive person. He focuses on everything he has as blessings. And then MORE blessings come into his life through his research in chemistry, through monetary blessings, in love, his health, and even in smaller things that happen throughout his day.

Hell, he is way more fit than I am as a person. He often tells me, “I feel the same as I did when I was in my 30’s.” And he has perfect vision, perfect hearing, and he never gains weight. I swear he must have mixed some kind of chemical solution and drank it to become a superhuman.

Pssst…I have a secret:

You know how one person in a couple is usually the better catch over the other person? Well, that’s him.

He easily beats me in his intellect (3 degrees, math genius)

He easily beats me physically (he could outpace me all day long in exercise)

He easily beats me in the career and financial realm (he is a patented inventor and keeps on coming up with more inventions)

He is so calm and easy-going (no anxiety, unlike me)

And well…his gorgeous green eyes with long lashes and those damn dimples…I mean…come on!

My point is…this guy IS who he is because he made the DECISION to surrender to the Universe and keep his end-results in mind (ex: career achievements). He gets out of his own way and all these blessings come into his physical realm!

You get what you focus on. And what you focus on expands.

This is not to say challenges don’t happen to you, they do sometimes. Most challenges, though, happen to teach you something for your soul’s highest happiness. You may not realize the lesson in the moment, but you usually understand it later after you understand what it’s teaching you.

So, what do YOU choose to focus on? What is your DECISION in allowing in all your soul’s blessings in your life? And most importantly, are you going to ALLOW yourself to receive these blessings?

You hold the keys, you hold the power, and you create your reality.


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