Hey Sensational Soul!

Here are some secrets to my manifesting successes:

1) I am consistent. Every single day I do my mindset journaling and I am thankful and grateful for everything that has happened to me that IS in my present, and that IS in my new reality (what I am currently manifesting, but I write it all out as if it already IS in the present). You can also type onto a computer if you don’t feel like writing it out, the point is to just FEEL into it when you do it every day.

2) I mesh current blessings with future blessings. By meshing together the above, my mindset shifts more easily because it’s more believable this way. Daily repetition helps me to SHIFT into it because I am training my cognitive behaviors. It’s so much easier to believe your new reality when you mesh it together with your current reality blessings. Just start doing it daily and your brain will start shifting- how empowering!

3) I affirm. I write out powerful affirmations during my mindset journaling and THEN I say them in my mind over and over again throughout the day. So for example, “I am ALWAYS loved by the Universe! I am ALWAYS receiving cash by the thousands every single week! A LOT of money EASILY finds its way to me every single day! I AM totally abundant and prosperous! The Universe IS manifesting (insert goal) right now! I can just be ME every single day and I EASILY receive (insert goal)! I am a TOTAL badass!” Stuff like this. In my journaling I write it out at least 10 times and every single time I write it out (or type it out onto a computer), I FEEL into it with total conviction.

4) I am my biggest cheerleader. I give myself mental pats on the back every day. For example, I needed gas in the car (ugh). I got gas and then mentally cheered myself on, “Great job, Jaclyn, for completing that task.” Or, I need to answer a bunch of emails to difficult people at work. After each email I say to myself, “Great job! You got that done. You are so good!” It sounds SO silly, but it totally works! You have to give yourself love and be your biggest cheerleader. You ARE worthy enough and you ARE good enough, so tell yourself this every day and give yourself the love that you need and the Universe will definitely MATCH you in giving you MORE blessings.

5) I elevate my mood. After I perform my DAILY mindset journaling, I let it all go, release, surrender to the Universe…let the Universe works its magic behind the scenes from setting my manifesting intentions. I do not worry about the “how” or the “when”, I just believe! I literally just release my manifestations into the air knowing that they ARE manifesting and they ARE on their way to me. I forget about it, do things that elevate my mood, get myself into that feeling good vortex, and ALLOW my blessings to come to me. I am happy in the NOW, I am happy in the present, and before I know it, my manifestations have arrived! BAM!

No need to worry

I do not give attachments to my new reality or vibrate a “need” to what I am currently manifesting. I just state every single day my manifestations as IS in the present, get myself into that feeling good place, and TRUST the Universe. By being OPEN and allowing the Universe to bless me with ANYTHING, I get exactly what I am manifesting; or, things even BETTER than I could ever imagine come my way. This has happened to me a few times these past few months. It’s so amazing!

Say this over and over again to yourself: I AM enough. I AM more than enough. The Universe loves me. I deeply love me. I AM doing a GREAT job!

If you slip, no worries! Like a baby who learns how to walk: just get back up and keep going. You’ve got this!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn