Hi Sensational Souls!

I got asked the question: how do you clear anxiety?

Here are some helpful tips to help YOU to cleanse your energy!

It’s totally doable and takes practice by doing your mindset work DAILY! Some tips I give to others is to journal out, “I am NO LONGER worried about…” or “I CHOOSE to believe I am worry-free, relaxed, calm, etc.” or “I TRUST the universe/God/the angels are rearranging everything in my path for my highest good because they are always working FOR me 24/7!” Using empowering phrases like these help to shift your mindset into a more-controlled focus. Feel free to mix it up or use the same beginnings of the sentences and write out/type out with regards to whatever you are feeling anxiety over in the moment.

You can even make a list of every feeling that feels GOOD to you such as “calm”, “tranquility”, “bed”, “couch”, whatever, and use these words to build your empowering phrases! For example, “I AM so calm today because I am choosing to…” or “I AM most at peace being in my bed while doing my mindset journaling because being in my bed…”.

Also, right before I do my mindset journaling I put on my favorite type of music, get my favorite beverage in my hand, light a great scented candle, and concentrate on my breathing for about 1-2 minutes. Then I start my journaling around everything I am thankful for in my life, using my empowering phrases, and then re-reading out loud what I wrote in a pace that helps me to really SOAK IT ALL IN. And I NEVER do my mindset journaling in uncomfortable clothing. Have you ever used sage before? You can even burn some sage beforehand to cleanse the energy in the air.

Clearing anxiety takes practice, but it’s completely DOABLE! In addition, the more you practice training your mind and shifting your mindset, the EASIER it gets. It will start to feel like second-nature to you before you even realize it! The point is to KEEP GOING! Consistency is key! You CAN do this!

My journal workbook that is being published at Christmas is all around training your mindset to rid of anxieties, stress, and doubt so that you can start living a more positive and fulfilling life! The universe responds to what you emit into it via your feelings! So this workbook will help the one journaling to train their mindset while at the same time manifesting their new dream reality!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn