Melanie Veazey Once Upon A Time in Hollywood & Broadway

Once Upon A Time…In Hollywood & Broadway: Your Key to Success Is with Your Voice

It’s not gonna be easy, but it’s gonna be worth it. – Movie, Runaway Bride

In today’s episode, I interview one of my most favorite people and voice/acting coach, Melanie Veazey, the creator of Impact Coaching and Wellness. She is sharing her wisdom about the power of using your confident voice because it’s an instrument that creates a big impact but often gets overlooked for your success. Whether you are an aspiring singer, actor/actress, or you just want to polish your stage and digital-stage presence, Melanie is amazing at her craft. She has worked in both Hollywood and Broadway as well as owning several successful businesses mentoring famous actors/actresses over the years. She is ready to get to the core of what’s holding you back while you sip on the tea she serves you about this industry. The bad news? Life is full of ups and downs. The good news? You can still manifest your dreams! Sidenote: we also talk about some of our favorite skincare and self-care rituals. After recording this podcast I hired her as my own voice coach so I can work on my stage presence, too. 🙂 

Key Topics of Discussion:

  • Social media tech giants and how they train us to “play the game” (but it’s not necessary when manifesting your desires)
  • What nobody tells you working in the industry of Hollywood, Broadway, and owning your own business 
  • Why your voice and presence is a MAJOR key to becoming successful in your line of work (if you are confident and know how to talk, people listen)
  • Why “Writing into Reality” (as I call it) really works for ManiFASTing
  • Sidenote: what to expect as you age when it comes to your self-care and the importance of what she practices through her habits to look as young and amazing as she does (nope, she didn’t have botox or surgery, either)
  • How she learned to trust herself and stop allowing others to define her

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