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Jaclyn cares about people and it shines through all she shares. She is an inspiration to me and I'm sure to all of the many that she comes in contact with, however it may be, to make their lives more of what they are seeking.
Tammy M
Very lucky to meet her in person! Amazing person to speak to, is positive about everything in an extremely natural tone which makes everyone around her at ease and happy.
Her book tells you how much her attitude isn't "fake it until you make it", but rather that you can be who you wish to be.
Wisteria R
Upon reading Jaclyn's book, I have experienced breakthroughs one after the other in my business and in my life. Following the mindset prompts and taking inspired actions shown me immediate manifestions. Jaclyn is a Master Manifestor. If you follow these steps you will experience the same results: Buy her book, read the book, join her free group. If you love your life, then this will be the best investment you will ever make for yourself.
De B
Must read Jaclyn's book. Jaclyn is a very inspiring and enthusiastic author and person. Her book is easy to understand and has simple techniques to manifest your dreams. Enjoyable, helpful and amazing experience. Great things are already happening for me!
Lesa M
The journey I’ve been on since I found your blog...I’ve had some real sh*tty moments, but had I never returned to positive journaling I’d still be in the same place, without my current positions, living space, and opportunities. I’m all about the journaling as a method to manifest reality. As a novice journaler I talked myself into increasingly worse situations, but when I learned the power of positive self-talk my life transformed. Your podcast is awesome and I commend you for lifting others up.
David M
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Hey There,

I’m Jaclyn, I manifested everything I wanted in just 10 months.

My name is Jaclyn Johnston and I’m the author of the best-selling book, “Don’t Feel Stuck!” I work for world-renowned physicists, and am the creator of Manifest It!®

I specialize in helping you release your fear and transform your spiritual beliefs on all levels through empowering ManiFAST (Manifest Faster) writing paired with my powerful and proven, manifestation techniques. Through my best-selling books, I teach you how to use the Law of Attraction successfully to revolutionize your life around money, mindset, business, and love.

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Book Cover of Don't Feel Stuck!: Journaling Methods to Transform Your Mindset & Live in Universal Abundance Manifest It!
Don't Feel Stuck with Money! Book
Don't Feel Stuck in Love! Jaclyn Johnston self-help spirituality book

Don’t Feel Stuck!

Best-Selling Law of Attraction Books

If you knew how much time you had, you would be 100% following your soul’s calling…and it would definitely manifest! Write into reality, it works every single time. Are you ready to ManiFAST (Manifest Faster)?

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Turn and face the strange…lookout, you rock ‘n’ rollers…pretty soon you’re gonna get older. – David Bowie BIG changes are happening for me right now and ALL in the past 3 weeks: I manifested $12K, I published my brand NEW guidebook, Don’t Feel Stuck with Money!, success keeps flowing…change…

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Don’t Feel Stuck with Money! (Manifest It Quickly in Multiple Ways)

Don’t Feel Stuck with Money! (Manifest It Quickly in Multiple Ways)

“Don’t Feel Stuck with Money!” encourages you to explore to successfully learn how to release your most stubborn and limiting mental blocks around money that no longer serve you through identifying and examining the roots of your past beliefs and why you still hold on to them; transform your money beliefs and develop them into your own newly empowering and positive belief system through…

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