Hi Sensational Souls!
Today’s focal point for me is: patience is a virtue. If life gave us everything we wanted straight away we wouldn’t have much to “live for” because everything would just be instantly handed to us. We wouldn’t understand the concepts of value and respect.

Today was a bit of a trying day for me, mainly with regards to other people’s lack of patience. But, also because of my own patience with regards to technology.

If chocolate is your favorite ice cream flavor and you don’t normally have access to it, don’t you value it more when you DO have it? When you eat your favorite ice cream your mind tends to express the first few bites as something like, “this is so. freaking. good.” After about 5 minutes and you are working your way towards an empty cup or crunching your way towards the bottom of the cone, you aren’t so much thinking “this is so. freaking. good” anymore. Your appreciation of it goes down a little because you have it already and you have had it for a little bit at this point.

So the next time you feel hopeless about something, think about how much you appreciate it, value it, and respect it. Doesn’t matter what it is, or even WHO it is. Develop that loving and respectful relationship to it- not a NEEDY relationship to it- and feeling those positive feelings around it can help you to speed up the manifestation process!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn