Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Wednesday! How is your daily mindset journaling going so far in 2018? You want your mindset journaling to become a DAILY habit. Habits become second-nature due to the repetition of them. Repetition is a form of practice. Practice makes progress, and progress brings the manifestation!

Take 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes, or more each and every day and DO your mindset journaling! It doesn’t matter how long you do it, so long as you DO it and do it DAILY! What are your worries, fears, stresses that are keeping you stuck right now? Why do you have them? What would be the worse that could happen with regards to your worries, fears, and stresses? What would happen if you let them go? Why don’t you want to let them go? What is the best that can happen if you let your worries, fears, and stresses go?

Journal out, “By continuing to allow my worries of…fears of…stresses about…I am continuing to allow…to stay in my life.” Journal out/type out onto your computer as many times as needed to get ALL of your worries, fears, and stresses out! It’s time to BREAK UP with them. Why would you want to be in a relationship with this kind of mindset? I know you don’t…you deserve so much BETTER!

Journal out, “By letting go and releasing my worries of…fears of…stresses about…I am allowing communication to the Universe of my (insert desires) because (insert desires) mean that I can…” Complete this as many times as needed!

Journal out, “Now that I am allowing communication to the Universe and am open to receive (insert desires), I AM committing to…(what are your DAILY commitments with regards to mindset work and taking inspired actions?). Complete this as many times as needed!

Journal out, “I CHOOSE to believe that (insert desires) is/are on it’s/their way to me and this leaves me feeling…” Complete the sentence as many times as needed!

How are you feeling after this? What can you do this week to stay on your soul’s path? Did you set alarms on your phone to reminder you to take inspired actions at least 3 times per week? Or, perhaps DAILY? Show the Universe what you truly desire by focusing on what feels GOOD to you and by taking inspired actions towards your new reality. Every single step is progress, and you need to celebrate your progress! Each time you are feeling GOOD, you are emitting these positive feelings into the Universe and the Universe receives it as: you want MORE of this. Do your visualizations each and every day as you do your mindset journaling and really FEEL into your journaling. The Universe IS working behind the scenes to help you pave your path towards your new reality. You’ve got this!

You can do it, I totally believe in you!

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Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn