Don't Feel Stuck in Love!

Best Selling Law of Attraction Book
Don't Feel Stuck in Love! Jaclyn Johnston self-help spirituality book

Don’t Feel Stuck in Love!


Similar to my first best-selling Law of Attraction book, this top #3 best-seller is everything I used to let go of the past in love, let go of the fear of loving again, and how I manifested my soulmate/twin flame with ease in 10 very short months after being scared of men for 9 years. I guide you step-by-step throughout your ManiFASTing process of calling in your ideal relationship. 

True love is literally within your reach, all you have to do is give yourself permission to receive. I’m here to help you transform your beliefs and transform your life quickly and with ease in a very practical yet phenomenal way. 

Let’s begin and have some fun while manifesting your ideal relationship!

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My books are available on, and EVERYWHERE in the world! Wherever you live on this beautiful planet, go to your local Amazon’s website and type in “Jaclyn Johnston”