Hi Sensational Souls!

When I was a child I was very intuitive and almost “psychic”. I could easily manifest almost anything and everything I wanted. I definitely saw the world through “rose-colored glasses”, in that I saw it the way I envisioned it and wanted to see the world and its inhabitants. Even when my real father let me down, I still chose to see the world as a magical being and chose to focus on what I truly wanted to focus on while being in it. I was full of hope and I felt like a magical being with the universe at my calling- of course, I wanted to be an astronaut or work in astronomy when I grew up.

When I was 15 something very traumatic happened to me that entirely broke my trust with other humans on this planet. I was BROKEN. I was depressed. I was lifeless. I was just a shell walking around each day, going to school, trying my best to feel numb and fit in with the rest of teenage life. However, inside, I was dead.

Taking My Power Back!

Over time, and after a few unhealthy relationships over the years, I realized it was time to stop acting from a place of victim mentality. As I matured and evolved through explorations of cognitive therapy, I finally realized it was time to take back my power! It was time to take back my relationship with my soul and the magical universe! I was ready!

I slowly built up my trust with the universe again throughout many years, explored my limiting cognitive beliefs, and once again I started manifesting my desires into my reality. It took time and practice, but I was doing it again and I felt myself filling up with fresh air from life. I have always been a people-pleaser, but these past 3 years have been a great test for me to assimilate my soul’s TRUE calling in this universe.

Mindset Journaling

I started doing mindset journaling on a daily basis throughout this year. I explored my upbringing and how it affects my beliefs today as an adult, learned how to release my limiting beliefs that prohibit my current ability to manifest even more into my new dream reality, established a new and empowering mindset belief system, and developed taking inspired actions while learning how to anchor in my powerful soul’s new life. The next thing I knew, I had manifested some really wonderful blessings into my life including a brand new car (it was given to me!), a brand new washer/dryer set (again, they were given to me!), $4,000.00 CASH, my name in the credits of a short film with music by George Lucas and narration by Tilda Swinton, AND I started my own business and wrote this journal workbook! All of this happened THIS YEAR!

I decided to start mentoring others on the law of attraction and how to take soul-based, inspired actions to SHOW the universe what one truly desires in life. The law of attraction highly focuses and emphasizes on one’s state of positive thoughts and feelings. I have been working around physicists for the past 3 years and I realize just how powerful our universe really is in how it responds to vibrations. Our brain is made up of particles that vibrate and transmit messages throughout our human body. However, it doesn’t just cease from there, these vibrations that we emit from our brain helps to shape our own impressions, our own stories, thus our own “reality”. While there is still so much to learn about the human brain, quantum physics’ and the law of attractions’ motto of “like attracts like” teaches us that we really ARE powerful beings beyond our flesh-shell in the universe. When I evaluate quantum physics’ relationship with my own experiences in life from losing my beacon while growing up, my step dad (who was my REAL dad to me), and the miracles that have happened to me such as meeting my greatest icon, Bruce Springsteen, I realize the universe and all of its inhabitants piece together to create one, powerful, and fascinating puzzle. And my mission is to help you to establish your pieces in how you fit into this process that I call your soul’s true purpose and calling.

I truly believe everything happens for a reason in life, and while we may not see the opportunities of it in the moments that they happen, I do wholeheartedly deem they are to help us to evolve as spiritual beings so that we can manifest our new dream reality and live our soul’s purpose, our soul’s true calling, our soul’s pure happiness. Once you start living from this place, everything you desire just magically starts flowing into your space and your life. It’s truly AMAZING!

Keep Going!

I wrote my journal workbook publishing on Amazon.com at Christmas to help you take your own pieces, fit them together, and bask in the beauty that is your own soul’s path and journey of manifesting your own new dream reality!

If you are tired, rest. Don’t give up altogether. KEEP GOING! Consistency is key, do your mindset journaling DAILY! Start looking around you and identify anything and everything you are THANKFUL for in your life! And write down all of your dreams as if they are currently happening IN the present moment! You’ve got this! I believe in you, you CAN do this! KEEP GOING!

Realize that doubts are fear, and fear is: Forgetting Everything’s All Right ~Sherri Levy

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn