Hey Amazing Soul!

Have you had a crazy week? I sure have, lots of BIG changes going on in both my business and in my life. I’m worried about my mom making big changes in her life and it moving too quickly, but everyone has free-will and this includes my mom. I choose to focus on these changes being good, regardless of how it turns out because we always GROW from our changes- and our growth is always for THE BETTER.

Change is a GOOD thing, even if it’s scary sometimes. And even if you don’t always understand why things are happening in the way they do, you eventually realize the “why” of how everything comes TOGETHER.

You gotta surrender to the Universe and trust the process, ManiFASTing Soul!

Speaking of “the why”, what is your “why” for all your manifestations you’re calling into your physical space? For your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling I encourage you to spend 1 page and write out/type out answering the following as many times as you’d like:

My “why” for manifesting…is because…

Keep your “why” in the forefront, put your journal entry into a spot you can easily access whenever you are feeling anxious or low-vibe. Your “why” is what drives you and motivates you to KEEP GOING DAILY.

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No Matter What, Keep Going with Your Purpose & Tell Them to F Off

Regardless of where you are on your journey, there will always be those who will criticize you. You can be where you are right now, you can be your version 2.0 self living your version 2.0 life, and you will always have others who disagree with your purpose-work.

And guess what…WHO CARES! ((insert celebration music))

Your job is NOT to please everyone around you, and not everyone around you is going to accept what you’re doing. Embrace it and love it!

This is YOUR life, YOUR business, YOUR dreams and YOUR desires. Not theirs.

So, rejoice in being individual and authentic, rejoice in being 1000% YOU, and BE your version 2.0 self living your version 2.0 life! Whether that’s being the #1 best-selling author, being a 6-figure CEO of your dream job, being in your dream career as a doctor, nurse, teacher, etc., and/or being in your IDEAL relationship with your best friend/soulmate/twinflame…you have permission to do so.

Give yourself permission to do so. And WHO CARES about the rest.

Take forward manifesting action each day to move you towards your desires and SHOW the Universe you mean business. The Universe will rearrange things on your path to help YOU, FOR YOU! Yes!

You’ve got this!

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Don’t forget your daily affirmations, feel free to use mine below:

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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