How do we get from point A to point B (to point C, D, E, and F) while on our journey?

We practice at being our version 2.0 selves, breathe through the panicky pains, & lean onto our faith with the Universe. And we buckle up, close our eyes, and BREATHE some more.

I always think of a roller coaster ride whenever something uncomfy happens in life…like, HOLY SHIFT…I’m SO TERRIFIED. And then that moment right before the drop, you have total, massive anxiety, and then you just surrender to the outcome (you just let go). It’s that release of I’m just gonna go with it because I have no other choice right at this very moment.

Grab onto the handle bars, brace yourself, and enjoy the ride of being a soul FULL of energy and beautiful gifts you are allowed to share to the world. You have a purpose and a reason for being. You have a voice, you have empowerment, and you have a ticket to ride on a roller coaster we call “life”.

Is This What It Feels Like To Be High?

And each time you DO surrender to the outcome, MAGIC, and I mean full-blown, how-AMAZING-is-this, phenomenal MAGIC happens (and quickly). So much so that you have to blink a few times and wonder if you are high on something…yeah, this is what “unbelievable” sometimes feels like.

Learn to laugh at yourself, learn to let go, learn to Master Manifasting (Manifesting Faster) by releasing your fear and getting out of your own way- so that way your dreams and desires DO show up, PRONTO. And they do. The Universe likes speed, it doesn’t have “time” to waste. It has some crazy cosmic chaos to shape and mold into whatever you are calling into your physical realm.

Better get your camera on your phone ready because this ride is wild and crazy at times. But, in the future you will look back on it with hindsight 20/20 and laugh at yourself stating, “Oh well.”

Learn to get comfy with the uncomfy of growing pains, and constantly ask yourself, “How am I giving back to the Universe? How am I helping others?”

Your Soul Knows Which Roller Coaster Ride to Take

Follow your soul’s calling, follow your soul’s compass, and keep going. Keep going and shining your light because you ARE making a wonderfully AMAZING impact on others. Give yourself a break, you ARE enough. Well, actually, you are MORE than enough. Love yourself.

And make sure to tuck in your shirt for the GIANT drop on the ride…I don’t want your shirt to fly up into your face because I want you to see the glorious and soul-purposed view of your life.

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

XOXO Jaclyn