You know, I was thinking, I have manifested so many wonderful blessings this past year. For this, I am truly so thankful! Even before I had been receiving all of my blessings, I got myself into a place of loving myself, showing myself, thinking, focusing, and feeling how much I truly respect myself and won’t compromise on my dreams. And this is when the magic started happening.

These past few days a Nobel Prize winner has been with the group of physicists I help to assist each day. Tonight we have a red carpet gala for a short film I was credited in- a surprise blessing I received a few months ago. It got me thinking: even though I didn’t EXPECT to be credited in a short film collaborating with Nobel and Hollywood members, such as Ms. Tilda Swinton and music by George Lucas’s company, I ALLOWED it to happen because the entire time I was helping to bring this film together, I was feeling thankful and blessed to be able to help assist in the way I could. And you know what? I ALLOWED any and every blessing to come my way as well! The Universe often surprises you for the BETTER. I am TRULY thankful for being credited in this short film. I am TRULY thankful because I know I didn’t have to be given this nod of a blessing.

Being thankful for what you DO have in the present is the first roll in the red carpet you lay out for yourself. Furthermore, in order to watch your own red carpet roll out on your soul’s path, it is vital to get yourself into a place of self-love, a place of self-respect, and a place of NOT compromising your soul’s dreams. You DESERVE to love yourself. You are ALLOWED to love and respect yourself. And you are WORTHY of living out your soul’s path.

Imagine yourself…

Imagine yourself rolling out your own red carpet: how would you view yourself while walking on your red carpet? How would you treat yourself? What is at the end of your red carpet’s path? Are you scurrying on your red carpet’s path? Or, are you relaxed in walking on it and relishing all of the GOOD things that happen each day along your path? What are you focusing on? How are you making decisions when it comes to following your soul’s red carpet path? Are you compromising your dreams? Or, are you taking inspired actions to help SHOW the Universe what your soul truly desires?

So many people worship celebrity status, but these celebrities are people just like you and me. They literally are merely human beings just like you and me. They had dreams and they decided to keep going towards them and made choices based upon their own inspired actions. And this is why they are where they are today: because they never gave up on their soul’s calling.

Roll out your own red carpet, follow your own soul’s path, KEEP GOING, and BELIEVE because you ARE manifesting your dreams! The Universe works behind the scenes for you to rearrange things on your path in order to clear out what no longer serves you and make way for you to allow and receive your soul’s truest happiness. So the next time you look at a celebrity and think you wish your life was like theirs, remember that they, too, at one point in time were not where they are now. And instead of worshiping celebrity status, start worshiping yourself on your OWN red carpet. It’s NOT selfish to love and respect yourself.

Watch the magic start to happen when you do this on a continual basis. You’ve got this! Have a GREAT weekend!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn