Hi Sensational Souls!

Today in Manifest It!, our FUN Facebook community, we were talking about writing a letter to Santa. Why not!? When we were children we would write letters to Santa every year around Christmas- and we BELIEVED and BELIEVED with our hearts and soul he would bring us our beloved gifts on Christmas Day!

So, today I invite YOU to write a letter to Santa and THANK him for all of your life goals you are manifesting. YES! Really feel into the vision of it all as you write your letter to the big guy thanking him for bringing you your desires! Remember, doing your mindset work every single day helps you to not only visualize, but it also helps you to shift your brain and mindset into your new dream life as being in the PRESENT. Your brain doesn’t know what is fact or fiction, training it daily DOES move you into your new direction with your mindset.

Regardless of what you ARE manifesting into your life, write a letter to Santa and don’t be afraid to be specific in everything you are thanking him for with regards to your new dream reality. And KEEP GOING! I know I say this over and over again; but, a Manifest It! member posted in the group the other day how miracles are starting to happen for her because she KEEPS GOING!

Christmas is a magical time of the year, use this magic to communicate to Santa in the universe how grateful you are for your new dream reality! And don’t forget to set out the milk and cookies for him this year!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn