Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. There are so many resources available out there to “cure” whatever ailment you are facing in life. Whether it’s knowing how to lose weight, generate more income, landing your dream career, meeting your soulmate/twin flame, even creating more TIME in your daily routine…there is so much information waiting and willing to solve your problems it can be overwhelming to merely make a single decision.

Receiving your desires and dreams while living in a spending society can be hard to stay focused on what your soul truly desires for your highest happiness. What do I mean by this?

I mean giving yourself permission to put your self-care and your happiness first in life doesn’t require you to go into debt. Getting caught in a cycle of “Once I have this…then I’ll be happy” or “once this happens, then I can do this…and then it will be easier” will actually harm you more than it will help you.

Self-Love & Self-Care Doesn’t Require Going into Debt

It’s not the BMW or the Chanel handbag that’s going to give you self-validation.
It’s not the dream man or woman who is going to make you feel worthy.
It’s not even the $10K that will have you accepting and loving yourself for who you are.

It’s giving yourself permission to be gentle with being 100% YOU.
It’s giving yourself permission to accept who you are, within your SOUL.
It’s allowing yourself to be in the present moment and really be okay with whatever outcome because you know you will never sever the relationship you have with yourself- within your SOUL.

This is how you access the portal to many blessings into your life.

Get Incredibly Clear With What Brings You Simplistic Happiness

During your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, I encourage you to explore:

1) What are 5 traits I like about myself? (ex: loyalty, trustworthiness, determination)

2) Answer 1 time per trait: Why do I like being…? I like…because…

3) What are 5 things I like to do that don’t require me to spend any more money? (ex: writing, coloring with my kids, taking a nap, going for a walk)

4) Answer 1 time per activity: Why do I like doing…? I like…because…

5) What are 5 things I am thankful to have in my life? (ex: my job, yummy coffee in the mornings, my comfortable bed)

6) Answer 1 time per item: Why am I thankful to have…in my life? I am thankful to have…in my life because…

7) Who are 5 people I am thankful to have in my life?

8) Answer 1 time per person: Why am I thankful to have…in my life? I am thankful to have…in my life because…

Reflect & Evaluate

Happiness starts within, not by solving anything on the outside. When you honor who you are as a soul and everything you currently have, your vibration of energy will shift from a place of need and from a place of lack into a place of appreciation and acceptance.

You ARE whole. You ARE more than enough. You ARE already worthy.

You know the KISS phrase, “Keep It Simple, Silly”? Well, keep your manifesting powers within a simple formula: build upon gratitude.

The Universe reflects to you what you are firm and steadfast about, regardless of how you spin it via your soul’s energy. If you don’t get clear on what you are thankful for within yourself and your life, you will continue to get wishy-washy results being reflected back to you.

Your self-love and your self-care need to remain #1 on a daily basis if you plan to conquer the world. There are so many distractions and there is negative energy that surrounds you from others. You have to get CLEAR on what you are CHOOSING to have within your physical realm.

Self-love is monetarily free.
Self-care is monetarily free.
Choosing to accept yourself as being whole and worthy enough is monetarily FREE.

Don’t trick yourself into thinking you have to monetarily buy into the mirage of what constitutes “success” and “happiness” in life. Live from your SOUL and what make’s your soul fly with happiness. The Universe will take care of everything else FOR you. Your blessings and all your desires will come to you with EASE this way…because you no longer vibrate from a place of need and lack when you focus on your soul’s highest happiness. You effortlessly funnel all your desires into your physical sphere this way.

I believe in you, you’ve got this!

See you soon and remember to use your affirmations daily. Here is one of mine, feel free to use it.

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn