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Settling? Or Focusing?

Hey Sensational Soul!

When was the last time you asked yourself, “am I settling?”

What are you doing to set your intentions with Manifasting your dreams each day?

What are you continuing to focus on throughout your day, each day?

What do you tell yourself throughout your day, each day?

What do you set as your priorities for yourself and your life?

And are you moving towards your dreams with these priorities? Or, moving away from your dreams?

If you are in ANY way, shape, or form feeling STUCK with moving forward and towards your dreams, it most likely has something to do with your past.


Your past is in the past for a reason: to STAY in the past.

If you are unsure if the reason why you’re feeling stuck is because of the past, it most likely has something to do with the past.


Your past is in the past for a reason: to STAY in your past.

If you know the reason why you’re feeling stuck is because of something that happened in your past, why are you allowing yourself to continue to hold on to your beliefs around it?

There IS a reason…and it has nothing to do with your dreams manifesting into your physical realm (your dreams, themselves).

They are merely your fears playing a role within your stories. Fables because they NO LONGER serve you for your soul’s highest happiness in your present and in your future.

Ask yourself, “am I settling in my life? Am I talking myself OUT of receiving my dreams?”

If that answer is “yes”, know that at ANY given moment in time you CAN turn directions. And you ARE allowed to (if you want to) start down a different, more empoweringmore self-lovingmore ABUNDANT path.

You ARE worthy of being happy. You ARE worthy of receiving your life’s goals and desires.

Be a magnet to your dreams.

Set your intentions and declare them every single day, especially during your Mastering Manifasting journaling.

Declare them as IS in the present. Declare them with REAL conviction. And be open to allowing the timing and the “how” to manifest into your physical realm from the Universe.

PS- I have ONE more spot currently open for a beautiful soul (is it YOU?) who wants to work with me 1:1. This spot IS for YOU if you are ready to tweak your habits of:

Limiting yourself because of your limiting self-talk
Which leads to limiting and negative feelings and emotions
Which, over time, lead you to feeling STUCK.

But you aren’t stuck, you’re just FEELING stuck, and there is a big difference.

This is where I come in:

I teach you HOW to uncover, discover, identify, and RELEASE your limiting thoughts and beliefs that are currently leaving you feeling stuck in your life and with Manifasting all your dreams. Because you don’t have to continue to allow yourself to feel this way.
And I teach you HOW to empower yourself and ANCHOR your newly created belief system that will have you feeling like you’ve been simultaneously pumping iron WHILE relaxing at a day spa, pampering yourself because you are SO WORTHY and you don’t even realize it yet- but you WILL in working with me.
And I teach you HOW to take inspired actions that feel like a HELL YES from your soul’s core so that you are emitting even more POWERFUL Manifasting vibrations into the Universe in order to SPEED UP all your dreams into your physical realm! YES!

What does Socrates say?

It’s about FOCUSING on building the new. And your focus is about to get SO CLEAR with your manifestations.

You are about open that portal with EASE to all your blessings within our gorgeous Universe…you’ll wonder why you waited so long to dive in and start partying with the Law of Attraction!

So, if this sounds like your current situation with feeling stuck and wanting to open your gateway to call in all your desires much faster, reply to this or send me a message on my personal Facebook profile Messenger and let’s talk!

You got obstacles? I’ve got solutions. Let’s do this! Only one spot left for a few months! I will not take on any more for a few months because I completely believe in devoting my time and energy to helping YOU empower yourself and SHIFT your fanny into high-level Manifasting speed!

Have a WONDERFUL rest of your week! I can’t wait to know what comes up for you with regards to settling in your life, what you were doing prior to now, and what you ARE NOW committing to thinking, feeling, and doing going forward in order to keep moving TOWARDS your dreams. You’ve got this! I totally believe in you, Beautiful Soul!

Reply to this and let me know because I want to celebrate WITH YOU!

Release Your Fear & Manifast: Manifest Faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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