I am SO PROUD of this woman because she COMPLETELY overhauled her happiness, thus her life, in just a few, short months! THIS is what I live for, THIS is why I have such a passion to help others, and THIS is what truly excites me to wake up every morning and carpe diem! Please read her unedited story below:

We need to talk…

So this is me, no makeup, no filters, no editing. A real true #Iwokeuplikethis . Unlike the ones who post that trying to fake how pretty they are, this has a different point.

For one thing, I have been lying to you guys for years. I sincerely apologize for that. Some of you knew the truth but most didn’t. The truth is I am not 40 or 41 or 42 or forty anything. I am FIFTY years young.

For years, I based my value on my looks and was downright obsessive about it. I was so insecure about my weight, about my bare natural face, about my age and about many, many things. But this face is my face and I love it. This body is my body and I love it too, no matter what I weigh. Whether it be heavy like I am now from quitting smoking or a size 7 like I was a year ago.

I didn’t mean to be this shallow. My father, he made fun of “fat, disgusting slobs” or in his eyes, unattractive people, helped make me this way. When I was 12, and he told me no to the second pork chop at dinner because I wasn’t as slim as he thought I should be, even though I was only a size 3. That contributed. So I spent years terrified that I was never attractive enough. My poor beautiful Mom contributed by example because she was a victim of the same thinking and didn’t know better. She had been married to my father after all.

I have been on a spiritual journey the last several months. You may have noticed I haven’t been around as much. Now I know this face, this body, this weight, this age, they are not who I am. This physicality is just the vehicle for this great ride called life. I take care of this body because it is my temple. It contains the God within me.

So I quit smoking in February. I quit drinking. I quit soda. I quit coffee. I have gone 80 to 90 % raw vegan. I had already been vegan for years. More importantly, I forgave everyone, including myself and developed some next level gratitude. And I learned to LOVE myself. And not give a shit about others opinions of me or my life or what they think I should or should not be doing or how I look.

So while I am still a work in progress, I am a totally different friend than you had 6 months ago. For the better. And I am thankful for every single one of you!!!! My priorities are different now. My core person, while in a lot of ways was on the right track before, is a new person.

And I am SO THANKFUL!!! I would also like to thank Steve Ross for writing ‘Happy Yoga’, Gabrielle Bernstein for ‘May Cause Miracles’, Russell Simmons for ‘Do You!’, ‘Super Rich’ and ‘Success through Stillness’, Eckhart Tolle for ‘A New Earth’, Jaclyn Nicole Johnston for ‘Don’t Feel Stuck!’ and Jen Sincero for ‘You are a Badass’!!!!

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Additionally I would like to thank Alyse from the YouTube channel Raw Alignment. Also Fully Raw Kristina and Dr. Laura Lambaer.

And thank you to a certain unnamed person not on any of my social media nor ever has been, for teaching me patience, how to forgive someone who thinks they are always right, how to transcend others opinions when they think they know how your life should be better than you do, how to keep peace around someone with a very low vibration and how to cut people out of my life for my good.

And most of all my inner guide for leading the way!!!!!

Chella Casselli