Hey Sensational Souls!

Consistency is KEY when it comes to training your mindset and getting into that place of BELIEF you desire to be able to manifest your new reality. A belief is a powerful thought that is deemed to be “true”, without any proof to back it up. Your beliefs CAN be altered, and just like with anything in life, it takes practice. You are TRAINING your mindset beliefs. You don’t become an Olympic gold medalist if you don’t practice your sport every single day. Same goes for shifting your mindset and manifesting ANYTHING you desire into your life. You can do this!

Every Friday in our Facebook community, Manifest it!, I give Mastering Your Mindset activities to help YOU speed up your manifestations! Here is a sneak peek of this weekend’s powerful prompts:

1) I am currently manifesting…

2) The Universe IS manifesting it into your physical realm. Now that you are aware of this, answer the following: now that I know the Universe IS currently manifesting…I am feeling…

3) Some things that I keep thinking/feeling that are not allowing my manifestation to come are (answer at least 10 times):

4) Some things I could be thinking/feeling in order to allow my manifestation to come much more quickly are (answer at least 10 times):

5) Now that I know what I AM going to start focusing on with my thinking and my feeling, I am feeling…(answer at least 10 times)

6) Now that I know what I AM focusing on with my thinking/feelings, I believe manifesting my new reality is…(answer at least 15 times)

7) Now that I know I AM manifesting…into my new reality, join our free group to receive access to ALL of this weekend’s Mastering Your Mindset activities!

Do your mindset journaling DAILY, you are training your mindset beliefs to SHIFT into your new reality. Then take inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what you truly desire to help SPEED UP your manifestations. You’ve got this! I totally believe in YOU!

Have a great weekend!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn