So you do your mindset journaling every single day. You write it all down every single day with complete conviction. But, your desires are not yet into your physical realm. You are feeling tired. You are feeling hopeless. You are feeling doubtful. Now what?

Part of manifesting IS writing everything down and utilizing the power of visualization on a daily basis; however, after you have done your mindset journaling for the day, are you unintentionally focusing on the lack of it being in your physical realm? Are you either consciously or subconsciously focusing on “when is it going to get here?” Are you feeling around outwardly instead of from within your soul in order to seek “proof” that it is happening?

After I perform my mindset journaling each day, I let goI release and surrender TO the Universe because I TRUST and I BELIEVE it IS manifesting. I try not to dwell on my dreams throughout the day, I just get myself into high vibes by doing things I really like to do such as listening to good music, meditating, reading, going for a walk, napping, snuggling with my pets, etc. I don’t dwell on the process because the Universe IS responding to my vibrations I am emitting from my thoughts and feelings.

Law of attraction states that like attracts like. So KEEP GOING. Keep doing your mindset journaling every single day with true conviction while doing it. And then? Then go about your day and make sure to check in with yourself throughout the day. Use empowering statements and self-affirmations 3-4 times per day. Set an alarm in your phone and when it goes off, take 2-5 minutes and really focus on the POWER of self-affirmations beginning with, “I AM…”. What are you manifesting? If it’s your soulmate and ideal relationship, state, “I AM manifesting my soulmate into the physical realm! I AM able to continue each day totally relaxed, calm, and happy because I trust and believe my soulmate IS manifesting. I AM relaxed and open, allowing, and ready to receive my ideal relationship. I CHOOSE to believe the Universe IS working behind the scenes and my soulmate IS coming to me!”

KEEP GOING! Set those alarms and practice this until it feels like second-nature to you. And it WILL feel like second-nature to you because practice makes progress and progress brings about the manifestation. You’ve got this!

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I’m going on vacation this Wednesday through Sunday to celebrate my birthday! I hope you all have an amazingly wonderful week and I will see you next week!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn