In 2017, when I was in debt and starting Manifest It!, I thought about the formula of the Law of Attraction with respect to “like attracts like” and “give to receive”. Even though I was in debt, I donated $10-$15 every month or every other month to various charities.

I mainly did it because I wanted to do it, but as I was growing my business I was practicing the formula, as well, and at the time not realizing the full picture of how it works. Over the course of 2 years my debt grew and I fell into $29K debt mainly due to vet bills and life happenstance. But, I still gave as much as I could to the world because, frankly, it felt really good to my soul.

Like Attracts Like, So Give to Receive

I’m not going to tell you that you should do the exact same as I did while on your own manifesting journey. Rather, I want to convey the true essence of giving and receiving: the WHY of your decisions and choices, and what you plan to do in order to give thanks. The Universe is an exchange of energy, this energy never goes away, it is ALWAYS being influenced and taking shape by itself.

What you give out comes back to you, it’s like karma.

When you think about what you desire and are currently manifesting into your physical realm, what is your WHY for it?

For example: you want to be out of debt or want more money, but why? What do you plan to do once it’s done?

Write it Out Often with Conviction

During your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, finish this sentence at least 5 times:

1) Thank you so much, Universe, for $X because now I am able to…in my business/life.

Now finish this sentence at least 5 times:

2) Thank you so much, Universe, for $X, to show my gratitude I plan to…in order to give back to the Universe.


The more you practice the feelings of your WHY for your desires, the vibration of energy amplify into the Universe. Your entire body is made up of bouncing particles of energy, including the energy of H20. Therefore:

A thought produces vibration of energy.
A feeling produces stronger vibration of energy.
A physical action produces an even stronger vibration of energy.

The Universe operates in its boomerang effect, so what you put out there comes back to you.

Practice the Formula, & Remember Your Why

Fast-forward to the present, and being completely out of debt, I’m still practicing “give to receive” and “like attracts like”. I’m able to donate more now, but you don’t always have to donate via the form of cash. There are many other ways to donate and help the world:

Volunteering your time to help other lives (human, animals, trees, etc.).
Creating your art and gifting them to comfort others.
Free training sessions in the form of tutoring and teaching others.
Participating in rallies or group functions to spread awareness.
Wearing the awareness messages on you (shirts, jewelry, etc.).
Writing about causes via the form of blogging, articles, books, etc.
Creating documentaries in the form of podcasts and videos to spread awareness.

There are many things you can do to give back to the Universe in helping the world. You don’t always have to donate money. We live in a collaborative civilization. As much as I am an introvert, we rely upon one another in order to level up in life. You cannot expect to receive and only receive. But…

Don’t Give Just TO Receive

Remember, the FEELING of happiness and fulfillment is what life is truly about. The rest is just the cherry on top. The Universe will bless you in SO MANY ways when you act FROM your soul’s highest happiness.

The less you care about the material items in life, the easier it is to receive them quickly because you aren’t acting from the place of only giving in order TO receive. And the less you care about receiving in general, the faster your manifestations come to you!

Life is your rich and yummy sundae, the material is only the singular and small cherry on top.

See you soon and remember to use your affirmations daily. Here is one of mine, feel free to use it.

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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