Hey Amazing Soul!

I’m often being asked about how to use the Law of Attraction with regards to being specific with your desires. The proceeding question about manifestation techniques is usually, “If I’m supposed to be specific, then why do I also read about being more general? Which is it?”

It’s such a great question, and one can easily be confused when I answer:

it’s both.

You want to be specific when doing your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling because the Universe is always reflecting back to you. If you state, “I am rich.” Well, the Universe is going to reflect back to you richly-flavored chocolate, richly-flavored desserts, and maybe even a richly-colored item like a royal purple shirt or handbag.

Be specific in your mindset journaling, “I am rich, I am so thankful to have received $100 because I was able to…with it. Thank you!”


I Got Specific, Now Why Be General?

This is where the confusion begins with most ManiFASTers. You want to be specific in calling in your desires, but you also want to be general in HOW and WHEN you receive them.

For example, you journaled out you are thankful to have received $100. You journaled with conviction what this blessing allowed you to be able to do with it. And you journaled out how thankful you are to have received this blessing.

Now your job is to allow it to emerge however and whenever it wants.

This ALSO includes allowing however much to come to you because 99% of the time the Universe delivers blessings to you in unexpected ways. Be OPEN to receiving $75, $100, $1,000 because your channel of receiving is not limited. Let me repeat this:

Your channel of receiving is not limited.

If you’re not thankful for the $75, what makes you think the Universe will continue to respond to you in a favorable way? The Universe responds to YOUR state of being through your vibrations of thought, feelings, emotions, and actions.

Building a relationship with gratitude leads to more things to be grateful for, so remain open with the general delivery of your blessings.

Surrender to the Universe’s timing and its way. It has so many happy surprises to bestow upon you if you’d only get out of your own way and allow for them, however and whenever.

Trust the process and allow.

See you soon and remember to use your affirmations daily. Here is one of mine, feel free to use it.

I always attract abundance to me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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