Hey Amazing Soul!

I have a fun surprise for you and it starts all the amazing changes that are going to take place with Manifest It! in order to help you ManiFAST!

Soulful Sunday Secrets

Every Sunday I’m going to pop into your inbox and give you a manifesting secret of mine that I use each day in manifesting all my desires into my life! There are 2 reasons for why I’m doing this on Sundays:

1) Sunday is the start of a new week, so why not begin your new week with some manifesting mojo that will help you with the Law of Attraction?

2) Sunday is a GREAT day to relax and reflect, so why not relax and reflect with some of my manifesting methods that I successfully use for YOU to use, too?

What You Can Expect with Manifest It!’s Changes

This August will mark 2 years since I began my entrepreneurial journey as a Law of Attraction Mindset expert. But, I didn’t get to where I am now without ALLOWING for changes to take place.

I know it’s familiar to keep thinking, feeling, and doing what you’ve always done, but aren’t you tired of the same thing, day after day, in your life? One of the many reasons why I’m able to ManiFAST with ease is because I ALLOW for change to take place around me.

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Apply It

So, this weekend for your Mastering ManiFASTing journaling, I want you to write out how you are now going to allow for changes in your life and WHY you are now allowing for changes to take place (hint: so you can make room for the space of your blessings to come in).

Reply and let me know how this goes for you! And, you may even be inspired to take some actions around your home to make space for your blessings. I’ll see you on Sunday for our first Soulful Sunday Secret!

PS- Do you use daily affirmations? Here is one of mine, feel free to use it!

I’m Always Attracting Abundance to Me,

XOXO Jaclyn

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