Hey Amazing Soul!

Today flew by and I’m so excited to sit down and tell you how important it truly to do your mindset work DAILY. It’s best to do it in the mornings, but you really need to make it a non-negotiable and start committing to doing it DAILY and here’s why:

  1. Our belief systems stem from our childhood and how we were raised. We have both positive and negative beliefs about everything in life. How can you manifest a life goal if you are constantly dancing around a negative belief about it? You just CAN’T achieve your life goal this way!
  2. Use empowering phrases such as, “I AM…”, or “I choose to believe…”, and even “I AM receiving…”. For example, if you grew up having your parents and grandparents telling you that you have to work HARD in order to receive a lot of money, then most likely you subconsciously feel this way as an adult.
    Not everyone is like this, but it tends to be this way- even if you don’t realize it. Our family members who are older than us lived in different times with regards to careers, things have CHANGED. Why stay stuck in a mindset that you have to do something a certain way in order to achieve what you truly want in life?
  3. By doing your mindset work DAILY, you are implementing a new belief system. Repetition mixed with feeling help to CHANGE your belief systems. And if you truly believe that it’s “going to take a long time” to change your belief systems, well, you’re right! You’re right because this is what you BELIEVE.
    I started truly journaling every single day back in May and now we are in October. My life has changed SO MUCH these past few months and it’s because I started implementing a more positive belief system surrounding careers, money, working, etc.

Now It’s Your Turn!

So, what are your life goals? Start using empowering phrases! Write it out or type it out, and then read it out loud to yourself after you finish each day. Write it out or type it out with conviction, say it out loud when you read it to yourself and say it with true FEELING of BELIEF! You CAN do this! It will start feeling like second-nature after a couple of weeks, and you might even crave doing it every day.

Start empowering yourself TODAY- NO MORE excuses! You CAN do this! I totally believe in you!