Hi Sensational Souls!

Happy Sunday! I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and had a wonderful weekend! I was doing my mindset journaling this morning and I did an exercise I think might help some of you who want to stay on your soul’s path. This time of the year all of us are extremely busy! We may not even realize we are veering from our soul’s true calling in our lives. Remember, doing your mindset work DAILY is vital for your mental and emotional health. In addition, doing your mindset work every single day helps you to STAY on your soul’s path as you continue towards your new dream reality! Repetition helps to shift your belief systems, whatever they may be. So, make sure you do your mindset journaling/mindset visualization work every. single. day. NO excuses! Your manifestations ARE happening, but they will not come any sooner if you veer off your soul’s journey! Here is what I did this morning in my mindset journaling:

For your mindset journaling, write out your hardest challenge that you had this year, 2017. After you journal this on your paper or onto your computer screen, write out how you overcame this challenge. What did you do? How did it feel to overcome this challenge? What did you learn from it?

Then write out your current biggest challenge. What are some things you can start or tweak to help you to overcome this challenge? For example, are there some books you could buy or some blogs you could read to gain knowledge around it? What about some Facebook groups you could join to ask others who have experienced similar challenges? What are your current daily behavior patterns that you could tweak to shift the repetitive motion of the challenge? And let’s not forget about your cognitive patterns! What are your beliefs around this challenge? Why do you feel it cannot change?

Re-read what you wrote about your hardest 2017 challenge and how you overcame it. Now seriously write out again some things you could start or tweak to help you to overcome your current challenge. Start brainstorming and make a commitment to start implementing your ideas! Remember, the universe is ALWAYS working FOR you! Like attracts like, so if you feel your challenge will never go away, this is what the universe is and will continue to deliver to you.

Write out your challenge as being resolved RIGHT NOW in the present. How do you feel? What are you going to do now that it is resolved? How thankful are you for the universe’s help to resolve this challenge? How proud are you of yourself for taking actions towards your resolution? What are plans now and for 2018 now that this challenged is resolved?

Start thinking as if your challenge is resolved, and start ACTING from a place of resolution. SHOW the universe that you trust your challenge IS being resolved, and take ACTION to help propel you into the direction of resolution! The universe IS helping you behind the scenes, have faith and act from a place of resolution in taking steps towards it! Trust YOURSELF and trust the universe! Journal out, “I trust in my ability to manifest everything my soul truly wants in life!” Write it out 20 times, or as many times as you need to really FEEL INTO it! Drop into that feeling and relish in your high moment because holding onto this feeling shows the universe what you want more of in life!

Then write out all of your passions. There is no right or wrong way to do this! Whatever you are passionate about, journal them out. Then re-read what you wrote or typed out onto your computer and journal out some goals that help encompass your passions! This is so purifying and soul cleansing! I LOVE IT!

Reflect on your journaling from today, make a commitment to STAY on your soul’s path in everything that you do. If it’s not a HELL YES, then it’s not for you. If you feel you are settling, then it’s not for you. If you feel your passions and challenges are what you think, feel, believe, and DO, the universe is your genie and it IS serving you- either way! Lastly, KEEP GOING! You’ve got this! I totally believe in you!

Carpe Diem!
Journal Girl Jaclyn