Hi Sensational Souls!

What would happen if you “let go” and surrender to your desire happening when the Universe deems it? What would happen if you let go of trying to control your surroundings? I am a control-freak, still learning my skill to let go. However, I am here to tell you that when I did let go, and I mean truly let go and let the Universe pick the timing and the “how”, what I truly desired came to me VERY quickly and in a way that is SO MUCH BETTER than I could ever imagine!!!!

Oh my gosh! I’m still in awe of the phenomenon that IS our soul, our minds, and the Universe that work TOGETHER simultaneously to bring about our desires in the most highest good for our truest happiness! I’m in awe every single day at how this all works TOGETHER!

I believe in you! Let go and surrender! Don’t worry about the “how” or the “when”, just focus on your desires and how GREAT it feels already having them as IS in the present! Your vibrations you are emitting into the Universe from your mind AND your soul communicate to the Universe- and the Universe answers you!

Have a great weekend!

PS- Every Friday in our Facebook community, Manifest It! , I post mindset journaling prompts to help us all expand our minds, align our souls, and be open to receive our desires by taking soul-based, soul-aligned, soul-inspired actions to SHOW the Universe what we truly want in order to speed up manifestations! See you in the group!

Carpe Diem!

Journal Girl Jaclyn