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Hey Sensational Soul!

What are you manifesting into your life for the new year?

A few weeks ago I was having a lot of struggles with getting my new book cover to list on Amazon in the paperback version. I spent 2-3 weeks going back and forth with Amazon and trying to force the “approval” of the paperback cover to go live on their site. I was getting quite frustrated.

So frustrated that I literally was just like, “Okay, I paid $700.00 for this new cover and now I can’t even use it for the paperback version…so I give up! Whatever the fuck happens, happens. I’ll spend the rest of my life paying for this if I have to do so.” I was literally D.O.N.E. DONE with this shit.

So I surrendered and said “fuck it” to the situation. Then, 3 days later it was live on my Amazon listing’s page.

We always want to control and force outcomes in our lives because we are so addicted to having everything be “perfect” and “acceptable”…not to mention we LOVE being addicted to the struggle, itself.

As soon as you FULLY surrender to the outcome and just “let it be”, as the Beatles state, instead of trying to control how and when things occur (and are “supposed” to be), the Universe delivers. And then you’re like, “Ah! If I had only just stayed calm and quit having so much anxiety around it…now I just feel silly!”

Obviously, my book cover struggles are only an example, but my message to you applies to anything and everything you are calling into your physical realm. Human beings LOVE to try and control situations.

Stop the struggle and allow it all to come to you!

It cracks me up how my “old” ways want to resurface from time to time. Whenever you feel yourself trying to control, remind yourself to take a U-turn and flow into a different direction: the direction of ease and surrender.

You are STILL manifesting anything and everything you desire into your life. When you relax and surrender to the process AND to the outcome, BAM! That’s when your manifestation appears more rapidly!

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Time to start the new year with ease and flow so your manifestations come to you even FASTER!

See you soon and have a wonderful day, beautiful soul!

Release your fears and manifast: manifest faster!

Journal Girl Jaclyn

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