It's The Weekend! A Few Helpful Reminders

Hey Sensational Soul! It's the weekend and I have just a few short things to remind you: - What you focus on expands, so focus on what you WANT in life. Acknowledge your limiting feelings, but ALLOW them to pass through you. - Every morning when you wake up and you are getting ready for you day,...

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Set Your Intentions And Watch The Magic Unfold

Hey Sensational Soul! Today was a crazy busy day- and I was starting to feel hopeless about my entire soul's purpose. I decided to take it one hour at a time: I focused on my end-results, what is it that I TRULY desire and would make my soul super happy? When I started FEELING into these thoughts,...

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This Is What Happened When I Gave In

This is what happened when I gave in to my soul's calling: I believed, I trusted, and I surrendered to the Universe and everything I wanted literally came to me in the SAME year. When you fully trust, surrender, and believe in the Universe and your soul's calling, everything comes to you SO...

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My Secrets To Manifesting

Hey Sensational Soul! Here are some secrets to my manifesting successes: 1) I am consistent. Every single day I do my mindset journaling and I am thankful and grateful for everything that has happened to me that IS in my present, and that IS in my new reality (what I am currently manifesting, but...

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I'm About To PREACH! So Get READY!

Here's the truth: you're feeling stuck because you're still holding on to the past. You are holding on to past mindset patterns and mindset beliefs that no longer serve you. You are feeling stuck because you keep repeating the same patterns over and over again expecting different results. You are...

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How Do You Write YOUR Story?

HEY SENSATIONAL SOUL! Do you react or respond? When things happen, do you instantly react? Do you allow your emotions to take over? Do you allow your thoughts and emotions to completely overrule the circumstance? Do you allow OTHERS to dictate what you should think and/or how you should feel? Or,...

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I Journaled With Conviction And He Literally Came To Me

I journaled every single day. I journaled out everything I wanted in MY ideal relationship, everything I wanted in MY ideal soulmate. I journaled it all out as IS in the present, and I did this every single day in TRUE conviction. I journaled out everything I was THANKFUL for within this...

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I'm Here To Kick Your Spiritual Ass Into Manifesting

What are you WAITING for!? Tomorrow is never promised. Nothing in life is perfect, no one in this world is perfect. Ask yourself the following: 1) Am I living by my limits? If so, WHY? 2) By continuing to think, feel, and DO what I have been and currently am, what am I continuing to allow? 3) WHO...

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Do You Forgive?

Hey Sensational Souls! I have a question for you: do you forgive yourself for your past and/or present? Most of us stay stagnant in life because we are so hard on ourselves, but really we (ourselves) are our harshest critics. The majority of people spend the majority of their energy focusing on...

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Dr. Wayne Dyer Said It

I've been stuck in bed for the last 2 days with horrible tonsil allergies. Can't sleep, can't eat much; however, my brain is constantly going like the Energizer bunny. I began thinking about how much potential we have as human beings because of our brain, yet we refuse to utilize it in the way we...

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When You Give Yourself The Love That You Need

I know how you feel: you want to know why you haven't received your manifestations yet, why other people seem to receive their own much more easily, why others have it easier in general, and even "why can't I just get to my goal ALREADY!?" I understand how you feel. I, too, have my moments. In...

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Rolling Out The Red Carpet For YOURSELF

You know, I was thinking, I have manifested so many wonderful blessings this past year. For this, I am truly so thankful! Even before I had been receiving all of my blessings, I got myself into a place of loving myself, showing myself, thinking, focusing, and feeling how much I truly respect...

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Hey There, I’m Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Johnston. I’m the author of the #1 best-selling “Don’t Feel Stuck!” books, creator of the brand and podcast, Manifest It!®, and Manifest It!® Publishing.

My manifestations include being in Thrive Global, The Washington Post,, The Secret Stories, Redfin, etc. Having manifested 99% of my desires within 10 months, I share with you my manifestation tips through my #1 best-selling books and interview Hollywood and other public figures on my podcast about their journey to success.

I created Manifest It!® Publishing to help you publish your dream book and become an official, profitable, published author! I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams of success!

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