Manifest the Life You Crave (NO Excuses)!

Oh my gosh, there is NO excuse for manifesting the life you CRAVE, Sensational Soul! Check out my NEW video! Whatever it is you are manifesting into your physical realm, including: The love of your life Your own business growing and thriving A healthier body Your peace of mind MORE money into your...

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You Are Amazing! Why Are You Holding Back?

Hey Sensational Soul! Do you even realize just how AMAZING you are? Every single one of us has a gift to help one another on this planet. This idea of competition or playing small and holding back in order to "fit it" is so in the past. REALLY. What are you dreams in your life? Who do you aspire...

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Keep Your Blinders On & Focus!

  No matter what you do, there are going to be people who criticize and judge your spiritual ass. Ultimately, it doesn't matter AT ALL what others think of you. Of course, you want to do your best job and it does feel good to be praised for your hard work. But what I'm emphasizing is the...

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When No One Else Believes in You

When it seems like no one understands your purpose-work, you feel defeated sometimes. I mean, you know your purpose is to help humanity and give back to the Universe. But, you feel that pressure to give in to what society has boxed us ALL in with regards to how we should be living our lives. Now...

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Trust the Process…My New Mantra

Do you have a favorite phrase or mantra that you use? The ones I really love are: ▪ Trust the process ▪ Knowledge is power ▪ Patience is a virtue I use these phrases daily to help me stay focused and centered while on my soul's journey in manifesting my current life-goals. You see, HOW you talk to...

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Are You Playing Small with Your Desires?

It's so easy to just revert back to your "old" ways. It's easy and familiar to play small in your life and in your business. It's so easy to make decisions based upon familiarity. BUTTTTT...do you think continuing this cyclical pattern brings MORE abundance to you? If you are wondering why MORE...

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I Surpassed One of Deepak Chopra’s and Eckhart Tolle’s Books

It’s for REAL! I first saw it in my mind’s eye. And then I released it into the Universe and went on about my life. 1 week later I see it within my physical realm. I have officially surpassed one of Deepak Chopra’s books in sales ranking on Amazon. Bonus! I even surpassed one of Eckhart Tolle’s...

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An Author’s Collision Course With Mindset and Law of Attraction

Hey Sensational Soul! My book was featured in an article the other day, you can read the answers to my being interviewed HERE. I have a special offer for you before I raise the prices to my VIP Manifest It! Facebook group: THIS WEEKEND if you subscribe to the private VIP group, you will have...

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Video Blog Update: Fears, Honesty, Bullies,Transitions, Shifts

Go within your soul and your mindset beliefs (they work together WITH the Universe) in order to SHIFT and live in your authentic happiness. Video Blog Update: Fears, Honesty, Bullies,Transitions, Shifts Change Your Mindset & You Change Your Life, Journal Girl Jaclyn

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Is Your Brain Feeling Overwhelmed? You Gotta Listen to This Song!

Hey Sensational Soul! Ah, the holidays are upon us. Are you feeling overwhelmed yet? Most of us will be spending time with family, which can be both a blessing and a curse at the SAME time. The hustle and bustle of the holidays can easily distract us from our soul's path and our authentic...

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The Universe IS Providing You with Learning Lessons

  When was the last time you had an epiphany? You know, "ohhhh THAT'S why it happened..." Over this past week I have been receiving more exposure for my work and my book. I didn't realize it in the moment when I saw that 1-star review on Amazon with its short description, "Cancelled order";...

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Hey There, I’m Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Johnston. I’m the author of the #1 best-selling “Don’t Feel Stuck!” books, creator of the brand and podcast, Manifest It!®, and Manifest It!® Publishing.

My manifestations include being in Thrive Global, The Washington Post, Popculture.com, The Secret Stories, Redfin, etc. Having manifested 99% of my desires within 10 months, I share with you my manifestation tips through my #1 best-selling books and interview Hollywood and other public figures on my podcast about their journey to success.

I created Manifest It!® Publishing to help you publish your dream book and become an official, profitable, published author! I can’t wait to help you achieve your dreams of success!

Connect with Jaclyn for upcoming mindset, business, money, love, and success tips.


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