The Best-Selling Law of Attraction Books

Hey ManiFASTers, I received a sweet email from a sweet Canadian. YES! My books are available on,, and . Basically WHEREVER you live on this beautiful planet, go to your local Amazon's website and type in "Jaclyn Johnston". My books are available EVERYWHERE! Thank...

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Checking in with You

Hey, Beautiful Soul, How are you doing? Really? 2020 has been a crazy year so far, reply and let me know how you are doing lately. Manifest It! is undergoing some big changes over the next 6 months. I want to let you know I'm going to be continuing to answer your Law of Attraction questions...

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Happy International Women's Day!

Don't play small in the world. You're more than enough, you truly are. The biggest female influencers are the ones who don't stay quiet. You are allowed to be yourself, especially during a time when the #metoo movement is taking shape, both in our careers and in our personal lives. We all want to...

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A True Leader

A true leader, a true hero, a true civil servant to the goodness of humanity. He understood the true meaning of life. He is forever respected by many, including me. Thank you, Mr. King Jr., for your bravery and leadership. You will always have my utmost respect. Have a beautiful week, keep going,...

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It All Works Together Simultaneously

I found an interesting article by Psychology Today that complements my teachings of Mastering Manifesting Journaling.
Bonus! I’ve incorporated it with my newest Soulful Secret…

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I Let My Fears Take Control of Me

Why do we have fears and insecurities? I ask myself this question quite often because even though I have worked on my mindset and am now a master at the Law of Attraction, I am still human after all.
I had a few days of a fearful takeover in my…

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How to ManiFAST Healthy Love

Love is one of the most confusing things we experience in life, and believe me, I’ve had my share of heartbreak and confusion over the years.
However, when I FINALLY figured out what is healthy love vs. toxic and addictive love, it was like…

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Spiritual Rebellion: Be a Galactic Gangster

Do you want to be told what to do? My guess is probably not. There are some people in this world who like to be told how to think and what to do. But, you are so different. You are completely the opposite of this because you are…

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Learning How to Funnel Those Particles into Manifestations!

When you wake up each morning, what are your habitual thoughts? Be honest with yourself, now. What are your typical, habitual thoughts while brushing your teeth and turning on the coffee machine? If you’ve answered to yourself something along the lines of producing limiting and scarcity thoughts, it’s okay! We are going to change this starting NOW!

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Hey There, I’m Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Johnston and I’m the author of the #1 best-selling book, “Don’t Feel Stuck!” I work for world-renowned physicists, and I created Manifest It!®

I specialize in helping you release your fear and transform your spiritual beliefs on all levels through empowering ManiFAST (Manifest Faster) writing paired with my powerful and proven, manifestation techniques. Through my best-selling books, I teach you how to use the Law of Attraction successfully to revolutionize your life around money, mindset, business, and love.


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