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Just putting this here in case anyone needs a reminder. Illustration by doodlebotillustration XOXO Jaclyn

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You Keep Going

Whether you made a mistake, missed out on an opportunity, overreacted to a situation, overspent on something, anything and everything that you are currently beating yourself up over right at this moment…

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You Have a Manifesting Message: Nov 25 – Dec 1

  Hey Beautiful Soul, You have a Manifesting Message! Reply and let me know some things you realize you have manifested through building upon gratitude. Have a beautiful week and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it! XOXO Jaclyn

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When Others Expect You to Fit Into THEIR Idea of Success

Hey Beautiful Soul, I've manifested a TON of blessings into my life in such a short amount of time. I've always been someone who is a strong mental health advocate and I want to stress the importance of good mental health when it comes to using the Universe's laws with respect to energy. Our life...

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The Realization of Your Reality

I remember that exact moment I knew I had had enough of existing in a powerless and unfulfilling life. I remember that exact moment I knew I was done with this crap of going through the motions, day after day.
Do you ever feel this way? And more importantly, are you…

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I Surpassed Gabby Bernstein, So Thankful (Also, Donate)!

  I want to take a moment and say THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting my book, Don't Feel Stuck! I am very appreciative to everyone who has not only purchased it; but, who has also given me feedback on how it has TRANSFORMED your lives into a positive state of being and doing. Thank you, thank...

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The Universe IS Providing You with Learning Lessons

  When was the last time you had an epiphany? You know, "ohhhh THAT'S why it happened..." Over this past week I have been receiving more exposure for my work and my book. I didn't realize it in the moment when I saw that 1-star review on Amazon with its short description, "Cancelled order";...

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Keep Going

  Keep going. Do not let others sway you off your path. People live in fear and try to make you feel inferior to them because they are insecure with themselves. But, you are above this kind of behavior. Keep going. Keep being nice to others, keep being persistent on your path with confidence....

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Conscious Conditioning

Mastering Your Mindset Conscious Conditioning It’s FRIDAY! Every Friday in our amazing Manifest It! group is Mastering Your Mindset day! I post mindset journaling prompts to help you get clear around what you are manifesting! In order to SHIFT your subconscious (where your beliefs are rooted), you...

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Is It Time for Your Mindset Health Check?

  Whoa…these past few days I have been feeling physically defeated, mentally exhausted, and just plain…uncentered on both a mindset and spiritual level. My dreams have been crazy strange and vivid at the same time. I wake up feeling so freaking exhausted because sleep is supposed to be for...

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Hey There, I’m Jaclyn

My name is Jaclyn Johnston and I’m the author of the #1 best-selling book, “Don’t Feel Stuck!” I work for world-renowned physicists, and I created Manifest It!®

I specialize in helping you release your fear and transform your spiritual beliefs on all levels through empowering ManiFAST (Manifest Faster) writing paired with my powerful and proven, manifestation techniques. Through my best-selling books, I teach you how to use the Law of Attraction successfully to revolutionize your life around money, mindset, business, and love.


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